2 Aug 2011

Amamake Weekend Rebel Run and the Legion

The call was given for a weekend of debauchery in and around the infamous Amamake solar system and its connecting neighbourhood of low-sec arenas. Rebels were spotted from all over the cluster loading up their Rifters and other craft with various essentials for the party; ammunition, missiles, rockets, chainwhips, smokes, narcotics, illegal combat boosters, beer, spirits and girls - quite a cocktail.

Whilst some of the Rebels were still on their way to the bash and some were sampling the insides of the fetid space station bars in one of Amamake's many, many stations, things were starting to hot up out in space. Starwalker had engaged a Taranis, the result was an Interceptor killmail to the loss of Starwalker's Rifter. The party had begun.

More Rebels were now out in space and next up on the killmail score sheet was a Thrasher that had been patrolling the belts and the kill-hungry Rebels needed no second invitation once a point was called. This actually avenged my Merlin loss from earlier in the evening. After warping to a military waypoint giving chase to an Imperial Navy Slicer which was reported inside, a Hurricane piloted by the Thrasher pilot landed about the same time as my frigate's on-board warp systems became entangled in the small field that was surrounding the gate, not being able to warp out or activate the acceleration gate meant an untimely death for my Merlin.

A little while later we pretty much suicided a whole fleet of frigates against a hostile Hurricane that was baiting in the notorious top belt. The battlecruiser easily picked us off one by one, but the Rebels don't turn a blind eye to bait and had great fun trying to score the kill and take her down. The battle report sprinkled with a few other assorted trinket kills for the Rebels.

Numbers were now swelling and with Amamake filling up with some potential trouble causers in fancy ships and gangs with numbers we had no chance of taking down we decided to take a twelve man gang down on a run towards the Gallente-Caldari border regions to see what we could find.

The journey down was actually uneventful but for some close calls and near misses. Lhorenzho scouted the first leg of the roam and then I took over proceedings as we edged closer to Old Man Star. A few jumps out from our target destination I spotted an outlaw stealth bomber landing on the gate, behind the gate the rest of the gang waited. I gave the word that the Hound was inbound to them, and whilst it had every chance of getting away, we should at least try to lock the bastard before he cloaked up. What followed was a bit crazy but provided the Rebels with a moment of humour - the exact details remain somewhat blurred but the Federal Sentry Gun Operator in charge of the stargate took exception to something Lhorenzho did and promptly relieved him of his ship. Ahem, and the Hound got away.

After a short regroup we had a little play in and around Adirain and Aeschee but for the most part it was generally quiet, much was the theme with the roam so far. Moving on towards Old Man Star I spotted Tusker pilot Kishin Hattori landing on the gate in towards Ladistier, unfortunately the skilled pilot that he is he managed to quickly warp his Interceptor away from our waiting gang. Tressin Khiyne was also prowling around and other Tuskers were in the area too.

In Old Man Star itself we came across a Hookbill which Ninyn Taq despatched with ease before any help was required and we generally chased multiple targets around with little success as we were in turn chased around by the Tusker fleet, which was now growing in size. It was like some kind of erotic spaceship gang food-chain cycle in full motion. I then gave the call that we were not going to get much luck out of this situation and would almost certainly end up on the wrong side of a beating with no spare ships nearby and we weren't ready to end the night just yet against a pirate t3 boosted gang of thirsty slayers, so we ran. Like the wind we ran, our warp drives overheating under the constant demand we were putting on them. It was an adrenaline rush and it is always good to know when turning your back on a fight is a good thing.

And what a good thing it turned out to be.

Reforming in Atlulle solar system the night was now dark and the system moon-washed, pale stars leapt out of the sky like lions from a crouch and all was quiet with the world. As I scouted out the neighbouring system of Isenan and Judge Sarn reported that he had hit the whiskey all hell then broke loose.

Overnauta had found a stealth bomber and he swiftly sent it to its grave. Right about the same time as the bomber exploded the backup arrived on scene as well as Black Rebel pilot Lhorenzho ......

Lhorenzho> Got a legion here xxxx and a Rapier too, hurry.

The Rebels kicked into action and warp drives whistled as they made their way to the asteroid field where all the action was taking place. Locking up and pointing the Legion I quickly sent out the order that the Rapier was primary and should be removed from the field, which it duly was in quick time - although it did take some of our gang away from the field in the process, it did not stop Drago Issier coming back to the scene in a Velator he stole from the station hangar. We then began working our way through the Legion's armour, the pack of frigates biting away slowly at the strategic cruiser, it seemed to be repelling our advances but was slowly losing the fight. Hearts were racing as we continued piling on the damage, fully expecting more backup to arrive to ruin our day or the pilot to self destruct or eject from his ship. Eventually the Legion succumbed and exploded with a mighty flash, the asteroid field now its final resting place. We locked up the pod and although the plan was to offer a ransom for a safe release and the chance of a payday we got a little trigger happy and the pilot was no more.

Excellent stuff and a job well done. We scooped up the loot and ended the night on a high. We also brought home our buddy's frozen corpse as the Black Rebels never leave one of their own behind.



Saturday was spent back up in and around Amamake, mainly in the bars and red light filled private quarters as the Rebels kicked back and relaxed after an epic Friday night of fun. We then ended the weekend with another action packed period in Amamake on the Sunday night.

Class of '11 - Amamake Pator Tech School Bar

The battle report painting a picture of how things went down.

Needless to say, all the Black Rebel pilots who went on the weekend run had a fantastic time, may there be more of the same to come and more stories to tell in the near future.



  1. Damn, I wish I could have stuck around after the Thrasher kill. Crap like this makes me want to give up eating dinner. :)

    Duke T.

  2. Good times, that was one hell of a night.

    For the ladies concerned, my clone has been reactivated and its back on the road - until the next accident that is!

  3. Black Rebels, Whiskey, Rifters, and things going BOOM. What could be better? Thanks for the great roam Boss!