18 Jul 2011


Having spent the last few months carefully keeping an eye on my security status and living the life of what seemed like a high-sec pvp mormon, it was now time to cast away the chains and set fire to the low-sec spacelanes and anything that I should come across.

Whilst at times I found can-flipping and ore/loot thefts fun I always hungered for the low-sec style of 'all guns blazing no holding back' style of combat - engineering kills in high-sec and finding war targets could at times be tedious. I sold up all my high-sec stock and rolled out into low-sec.
My first bite into my sec status happened soon after undocking in Parts, I spotted a Vexor at an asteroid belt and my Jaguar was soon pouncing for an easy kill - whilst not much of a challenge by any stretch of the imagination it was just what I had craved and the adrenaline kicked in and I could feel my heart pumping.

Later that same evening I went on an uneventful roam up through Black Rise and on towards Ishomilken where I lost some more sec-status after engaging two Punishers at the sun. Both put up a good fight, landing on them at zero I was surprised to see both of them web me. They were tanking my damage quite nicely and dishing out a bit of pain of their own but I was confident that once I sent one packing the other would soon follow. However, in a moment of fail I burnt out all my guns and was left to scamper out of web range and burn away with my tail between my legs. Drat.

Next up I managed to actually get aggressed so no sec loss this fight. A Sentinel followed me to an asteroid belt and the fight was on. I was quickly neuted and struggling to manage my capacitor with my cap booster injections not timed very well. Drones were hurting my shields and I decided to make a run for it as the Sentinel was keeping range from me quite well. I managed to get off a quick double boost of the cap booster and I overheated my afterburner and aligned to the sun, the Sentinel gave chase, the ground I had made quickly turned from 12k to 15k to 21k .... the Sentinel's microwarpdrive spun into life and as he began to gain on me I slammed on the brakes and turned to face the oncoming Electronic Attack Frigate. Landing the scram on him just as we crossed paths was a great feeling, I fired up my Nosferatu module to gain a little more capacitor and overloaded my guns. The Sentinel exploded in a glorious fashion and I escaped with 15% structure remaining. I scooped loot and docked a few systems out for repairs.

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Not long after this I watched as a novice Thorax I had crossed on the stargate entered warp towards a belt, following as fast I could I landed smack bang on top of him and unleashed the pain as the cruiser crumpled into a wreck.

My next adventure involved fitting up a dual-rep Republic Fleet Firetail and heading down towards Amamake to see what was on offer. After noticing a huge fight taking place in the top belt I warped on in to what I thought was a pounce point to survey the scene. Sadly I had warped directly into the fight and was soon sent packing by an angry looking Loki.

Not to be put off I returned in a trusty Rifter and this time warped to my pounce. I noticed an Archon taking heavy damage so I warped down and fired off a salvo of autocannons before warping back out to watch its demise. Sadly the pilot initiated self-destruct and we missed the killmail. However, a Naglfar Minmatar Dreadnought was now taking heavy fire so I warped on down to the belt again and fired off a few shots. In the safety of my pounce spot I watched as the huge ship shattered the sky with a thousand shards of high-end space rust.

Welcome to Amamake!

Later on I headed over to Egghelende where a Thorax landed on me in the top belt, we started an intense dogfight but my mistake in not concentrating on the cruiser's drones backfired and my Rifter was no more. Again, I was in the mood for destruction so jumped into a Jaguar I had in system and undocked under sentry fire to race back towards the belt, sure enough the Thorax was still there and this time I overloaded everything, ignored the drones again and laid siege on the cruiser. With no damage control fitted to my Jag it was a relief to see the Thorax pop as I hit half armor.

So that was the first stage on my quest back towards my -10 badge. I purposefully didn't engage in any poddings, to prolong the wait and obtain more fights before I go flashy.

Watch this space!


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  1. Great post, just what I needed!

    And: Dual repping FT, that sure sounds interesting!