17 Jul 2011

The Solo Combat Pilot's Guide to Good Roaming #6

Hek to Eifer

This 14 jump roam starts in the high-security space system of Hek, a quality trade hub and also a can-flipping and 1v1 haunt, for those of a more darker security status you should start this roam in low-sec Resbroko.

Setting our auto-pilots to prefer less secure and an initial waypoint of Hadozeko and then our final waypoint of Eifer we undock into the bright lights and busy traffic lanes of Hek.

Hek 0.5

Hek is a fantastic system to base out of, the market is excellent and always chocked full of goodies, the local services are all exemplary in standard and it even has the added appeal of being a good system to flip cans and arrange 1v1 combat.
The more time you spend in Hek the more you will begin to get a feel of who the genuine 'good guys' looking for a gf are and who the 'bad guys' are - the dudes and dudettes who never leave the perimeter of the station undock and who never fight without back-up or remote reps and other nasty little surprises.

Leaving behind the station huggers with their lack of talent trailing in the wake of their overheating remote reps the best place to engineer fights in Hek is the 12 asteroid belts, all of which should at any given time be bustling with miners, ratters and genuine dogfighters looking for a duel. During quiet periods, drop some cans, rat a little and leave the wrecks, patrol the belts and watch out for those who take the aggression.

As mentioned previously, all services are catered for in the system's 5 stations - Hek VIII - Moon 12 - Boundless Creation Factory is the main market station. Although there is no medical facility in this station it is noted that three of the four other stations do have cloning services available with new clones produced on a regular basis for those with the correct insurance bonds.

Hror 0.5

This system has no stations or outposts. Perhaps you might be able to find a lone miner to harass or some local Angel pirates to shoot in one of the 7 asteroid belts but for the purpose of this exercise we skip through Hror on our way to our first low-sec system.

Resbroko 0.4

Checking our ship insurance is valid and our clones updated we make the jump into low-sec.
Resbroko is an odd system, one station, 4 asteroid belts and a massive cross-warp of nearly 150AU from our in-gate to our out-gate. Exploring this system can take a good while.

150 AU warp? Warp sickness tablets at the ready!

It can be bountiful though as opportunistic ratters seek the higher bounties of low-sec rats and brave miners try to grab some higher end ores before being spotted by hunters like us.

The Republic Fleet Assembly Plant offers the basic services of repair and refinery but little else. The market is mixed, it usually has a good mix of ships available but fittings and ammo can be hard to source.

Hadozeko 0.4

Hadozeko is an important traffic system on the Heimatar-Metropolis low-sec route. Those continuing further afield and those branching off through Resbroko towards Hek and the safety of high-sec all have to pass through Hadozeko, for this is sees a lot of traffic flow.
Some of this traffic can be attracted to the 26 asteroid belts on offer, a quick D-scan check from our in-gate reveals all of the XI cluster. Moving on to the star will reveal all of the other asteroid belts in the system, apart from the X cluster. Three warps around the system and you get a good picture of what, if anything is on offer.

Hadozeko also sees its fair share of faction warfare traffic, often camping the gates in large gangs of battlecruisers but nimble frigates shouldn't have too much of a problem in the area avoiding these camps. Another worthy note is these systems are often a favourite haunt for roaming EVE University gangs. Engaging a solo EVE University pilot will often result in a cascade effect of opening up a sewage pipe full of .... you get the picture. Engage at your own risk.

The system has 4 stations with a mix of services from medical to repairs. The top station - Hadozeko II - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support is where the clone vats are harvested and this station also offers a good repair facility.
The market is just above average with a good mix of ships and fittings available, although it does not contain all the mod cons for fitting up a ship from scratch it certainly has fittings to help put part of a ship together. Moderate supplies of ammunitions and drones can be sourced in some of the stations too.

Klogori 0.3

4 asteroid belts that are all on scan from the entry gate should determine whether or not you will get a fight in here from the off.
Klogori is a system that contains no fewer than 9 stations, all services are therefore available but the market is usually poor, as we stray deeper into low-sec and away from the supply lines.

Orfrold 0.2

Orfrold was an old cloning system for the Minmatar Republic, both its stations still serve this purpose. The market is poor, traders have been put off by the low-security rating of the system and the spacelane robbers who await passing caravans hoping for rich pickings.
Orfrold has an abandoned feel to it, haunted by the ghosts of those who perished here in the past, its 5 asteroid belts usually swarming with local Angel patrols.

Egmar 0.3

Thermals recommended.

The harsh environment of Egmar with its 15 asteroid belts, one of which is the Egmar Ice Drift can be a system where those foolish enough to wander into its belts often become another statistic.
Another system that is an important traffic flow system, on the elbow of the Anglis constellation, its fair share of traffic usually pass the system unnoticed with the occasional stop-off for weary travellers in one of the 4 stations. The Republic Justice Department Law School at planet XII - Moon 10 offering clone bays with the other 3 stations offering ship repair services. The market is poor.

Arnher 0.2

This system has no stations or outposts but it does have 19 asteroid belts. A fairly large system with the belts spread over the entire system, if somebody is active in here it might mean an opportunity for a fight - or on the downside, could mean they are nestled under the protective shields of one of the system's many POS's that are present.

Evati 0.2

The system of Evati with its multicultural mix of Caldari and Minmatar stations and even the presence of CONCORD has for time been known as an infamous haunt for pirates and those who seek the bounties on offer.


Long time home to The Bastards pirate corporation it often sees gangs and solo pilots passing through or loitering looking for fights, a quick warp around the 7 asteroid belts and the gates should determine what is on offer, just remember to keep a close eye on the D-scanner. An abandoned battlefield also adding to the mystique of the system.

The market in Evati is good, a steady stock of ships and a good selection of goods and ammunitions mean plenty of options should you need a quick refit and the 9 stations offer all the expected services that a busy low-sec system should offer to its dwellers.

Todifrauan 0.1

7 asteroid belts including an ice field mixed in with a low security rating can make for a system where those who venture into the depths are blinded by the bounties on offer and the Glare Crust and Dark Glitter that lights up the murky-brown backdrop.

Planet VII - Moon 19 - Pator Tech School offers all the facilities including a medical suite but the market is stagnant, unless of course you are after a new skillbook.

Arnstur 0.1

Another bleak system, no stations makes for little signs of life. It does however have a strong industrial element and the system is often littered with industrial ships of various sorts, unfortunately in most cases they are hidden behind a POS shield.
The 8 asteroid belts are always worth a quick warp around.

Gultratren 0.3

Entering the dark-blue skies of Heimatar we reach the system of Gultratren. 17 asteroid belts to explore and a high-sec entry point can mean the few quiet systems before us might now entertain us with the delights that the high-sec gate can bring.
Patience is required, you will need to sort out what is POS junk and what is a genuine target. Ratters can often go unnoticed within the clutter, once you spot something, don't waste time, I've found all sorts of oddly fit targets in this system in the past. The key factor is the clutter that hides them on the D-scan also hides the hunter.

The 4 stations offer all the usual services, 3 of which offer medical bays. The market is pretty average and I wouldn't expect to fit up a complete ship from the offerings.

Ingunn 0.3

A fairly large system consisting of two stations (all services offered, market poor) and 6 asteroid belts spread out over the entire system. It is usually quiet in here, but there is always the chance of a stray ratter to hone your cross-hairs at.

Gusandall 0.4

A system of pvp opportunity. The Angel Creo-Corp Mining, Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm and Ruined Minmatar Outpost sites are all magnets for small ship pvp. Spend long enough lingering around them and you're sure to grab the attention of a passing ship.

The only station in system offers cloning and repair facilities and the market is good for ammunition supplies.

Eifer 0.4

Our journey ends in the system of Eifer. Whilst there are no stations in Eifer it is often found to be a system of opportunity for some bloodshed - the 10 asteroid belts are your hunting zone.
Two jumps from the starter system of Pator it is often the first taste of low-sec for budding pilots fresh from graduation. Because of this you might sometimes find the gates camped, especially the high-sec ones. On more quiet days you might be the only pilot in here. But as the stories of those who have been slain will prove, Eifer is never a place free from horror.

Eifer welcomes careful miners!


Happy Hunting!


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