6 Oct 2012

Dreadnoughts Sunk in Molden Heath

Timing is a wonderful thing.

Loitering down in Placid region after a less than inspiring roam around the haunts of the faction warfare playground, I decide to dock up and jumpclone back to Molden Heath. People are x'ing up in intel channels, but it is not clear at the time what for. A rag-tag crew of fast frigates is being assembled and I decide to go along for the ride. I'm soon sat in a Taranis and plugged into comms.

The juggernaut himself pirate Warlord Protagonist is in command of the fleet. A few jumps into our roam we snag a Firetail that decides to pay us a visit at the poco we are chilling at. The end result was predictable. Not sure about that fit though.

We burn through Great Wildlands looking for trouble but all we see is a fleeing Daredevil speeding off into the darkness.

Now back to the timing thing. We have a few potential targets materialising as we sit idle at the back-end of Molden Heath, our Warlord Commander orders the fleet the long way around to our target destination. A few question this decision, but we rumble on as ordered.


A couple of jumps on and Sard Caid is jumping into Meildolf solar system in his Condor. On the lookout for frig fights of his own and unaware of our presence in the immediate area he reports a fleet of Dreadnoughts bashing on some pocos.

The Warlord's fleet is close by. Great timing. Sard points one of the Dreads as the others flee. In the panic to escape another of the Dreads finds himself snared on the poco, unable to free himself as the gang lands he is pointed and will meet his maker. Blood-thirsty frigates begin a death by a thousand papercuts. The black skies of Molden Heath are about to shake.

Sard Caid captures the fight on his live stream. You can watch the fight via this link. Start the stream at approximately the 38 minute mark.

In the end, and perhaps quite sporting considering the circumstances, the two dreads politely start shooting each other to quicken the suffering after we ask them nicely in local.

+1 for that.

Dead Naglfar 1

Dead Naglfar 2


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  1. I was watching this happen. I lol'd lots. The comms were funny as fu*k :)