26 Oct 2012

Tuskers Frigate FFA Checklist

Frigates. Check.

Ammo. Check.


As you can see I have a lot of Interceptors to burn through. These were from an old stash I had out in Pure Blind which I evacuated some time ago into Verge Vendor, they've been collecting dust ever since. I hope to lose them all in glorious fashion this Saturday. Help me achieve this!

If I have any left near the end of the night I'll give them away to those who have ran out of ships. Hopefully it won't get that far though, muhaha.



  1. Love the naming convention. I actually went through the image to see if you named some of my favs from back in the day. Rowdy roddy for the win


    1. He was one of my faves too. I think I still have his wrestling figure somewhere, complete with wind-up rotating arms. :D

  2. I'm sad I'm not coming anymore, had planned to come, bought the frigs and fittings, but then :real life:

    Hope it goes well! Blow up some Fweddit if they show up!