10 Oct 2012

Serpentis Drug Outlets

this guide is no longer valid. 1/10 static sites have been removed.

Another great way to engineer fights and at the same time unlock the potential to earn some ISK, is to visit the low-security Serpentis Drug Outlets--which are 1/10 DED rating static complexes that can drop faction goodies and sometimes blueprints. These sites are found in, for the most part, remote backwater systems close to high-sec. Ideal hunting grounds.

Running the complex.

There is no science to running these sites, they should take you less than 5 minutes to blitz (only shooting what we need to and ignoring the rest).

The first room is accessed via an acceleration gate which you reach by warping to the fixed beacon on your overview.

When you land inside the first room you should find waiting for you a lone gatekeeper. Shoot him and then activate the acceleration gate. This gatekeeper will cause you no trouble whatsoever, in fact I often find he explodes before the ammunition has even hit him.

The second room consists of approximately 18 frigates. The frigate of interest and the only one we need to shoot is the Serpentis Drugstore Overseer.

Loot the wreck.

You will find the pass key for the next room inside this wreck. There is also a rare chance that some C-Type modules will also drop at this point, as well as 6th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects, so check the loot and loot all.

In this second room you can also shoot some of the structures. The Casino apparently drops 2x20 random trade goods and the Narcotics Supermarket drops 10 random drugs.

After looting make your way to the next acceleration gate.

The third and final room contains 23 frigates and an Overseer's Structure--namely, the Serpentis Financing Office. This has the potential to drop C-Type modules such as resistance plates, afterburners and microwarpdrives, and may also drop Shadow Serpentis modules, or, on rare occasions, a Daredevil Blueprint Copy.

Shoot the structure, loot your can and warp off, ideally with some nice loot in your cargo.

A nice and simple blitz.

If you're not in luck and the site isn't active or you haven't struck lucky with the loot drop, stick around and watch local and the overview for others who may visit the complex. Good fights are to be had, whether it be from those running the complex themselves or those out hunting the plex runners. It certainly makes for an interesting combat arena.

Explorer's Guide.

Ravarin 0.4 ~ Sinq Laison region

Ravarin is a dead-end system that is accessed via the high-sec system of Stegette 0.5. It is a couple of jumps from other low-sec hunting grounds such as Egghelende and Fasse, and is close to Amamake and the low-sec pipe of The Bleak Lands.

The 1/10 complex is a long warp from the in-gate and because of this you have advanced notice of what is heading your way. This system also has a lot of general ratting traffic and mission runners. Ideal for hunting in.

Gerper 0.4 ~ Everyshore region

Gerper, situated in the far north of the Everyshore region, is the furthest system of two low-sec systems that are cut off from the rest of low-sec by three high-sec systems. Although easily navigable in a frigate hull, care needs to be taken on the stargates if of a low security status.

A good way into Gerper (and the other low-sec system of Mya) is via the Elarel pocket. From Elarel, you will need to pass through Atlanins 0.6, Azer 0.7 and finally Torvi 0.5.

If you are of a clean security status then you will have no such trouble accessing Gerper, easy access can be found from Genesis, Sinq Laison and Essence regions. It is also only 7 jumps from the market hub of Dodixie.

Estaunitte 0.4 ~ Essence region

A station-less system accessed via the high-sec 'island' systems of Amane 0.6 and Actee 0.5. In turn, access to these high-sec systems is via either Heydieles 0.3 or Fliet 0.3. This system is close to the faction warfare playground of Old Man Star.

Seyllin 0.4 ~ Essence region

Situated in the heart of the Essence region, Seyllin is easily accessible from many high-sec pipes for those with a good security status. Connecting routes from Sinq Laison, The Citadel and Genesis regions make it a potentially busy system.

It is a little more difficult to get to from low-sec and with a poor security status but it is not out of reach. Popular access points can be taken from Goinard 0.3, where you will run a seven jump high-sec gauntlet. Yvangier 0.3, where the high-sec dash consists of five high-sec jumps. It is also easily reached from the other low-sec hunting systems of Decon 0.4 and Sharuveil 0.4, a four jump run from one low-sec island to another. I find that it is best to incorporate a visit to Seyllin after a roam to Decon.

Chardalane 0.4 ~ Placid region

A dead-end low-sec system in the far reaches of the Placid region.

Easily accessible from the Essence high-sec pipe but can be a little difficult to get to from an entirely low-sec route. The path to Chardalane via low-sec, assuming a central or southern Placid start point, takes you on an outside counter-clockwise loop of the far north systems that border the Black Rise region. After this you will then need to jump the high-sec system of Adacyne 0.5. This route has been known to be camped on rare occasions, so a quick check on the starmap for kills per hour and number of pilots in system is highly recommended.

It is worth mentioning that it can be accessed via a jump through Oulley 0.3 and then two more high-sec jumps after Orvolle 0.7, but the chances of evading the perma-camp that resides in Oulley are quite slim. Besides, fights can be found on the route from the centre of Placid as you navigate through a busy faction warfare zone.

Oicx 0.3 ~ Placid region

In the heart of low-sec northern Placid and the borderlands of Black Rise region. Oicx is a high-traffic system surrounded by low-sec pockets. Faction warfare zones and null-sec traffic makes for the potential of a system to find good fights in.

Ratillose 0.4 ~ Solitude region

Finally, one for the hardcore explorer.

Situated in the barren lands of the Solitude region and only accessible via null-sec Syndicate region or low-sec Aridia region, Ratillose is as far off the beaten track as you could imagine.

Happy hunting!




  2. I used to run some of these hoping to get the SAR's. I love those things ...

    Might head on up your way and die horribly some time :)