25 Sep 2012

coming soon

... when the Heath is infiltrated by alien warriors sent to conquer the region, some of New Eden's greatest heroes join forces. 

While the superheroes individually defeat most of the invaders, they fall prey to a single alien and only by working together are they able to defeat the warrior. Afterwards the heroes decide to found the Justice League of Egbinger.

corp? comic strip? ... watch this space

Justice League of Egbinger is Miura Bull, and ...


BL4CK LANTERN is a mystical Brutor warrior with exceptional willpower. He is semi-invulnerable, capable of projecting hard light constructions, flight, and utilizing various other abilities through his POWER CAPSULE which is only limited by imagination and willpower. BL4CK LANTERN has exceptional willpower. Oh yeah, I already told you that.

BL is The Face of the JLE.


Fla5h is an exceptional pilot and an avid superhero. On his superhero bio page he lists the following as his most useful skills.

Super warp speed (AU Multiplier Speed Force) - warping across vast star systems never felt so good. 

Self-molecular control - control of kinetic energy at a molecular level allows Fla5h to match the vibrational frequency needed to travel easily into and through solid matter. 

Time travel - quite possibly a white lie.

Steal Speed - Perhaps his most versatile power. Because the Speed Force governed all motion, Fla5h could rob objects of their kinetic energy, motion, or momentum (e.g., ships in flight or turning a supervillain's capsule into a frozen statue) and use the energy to accelerate himself even faster. Rumours that this skill is in fact a heavily modified stasis webifier have been yet unfounded.

Infinite Mass Punch - Fla5h, travelling near the speed of light acquired the relativistic mass of such speed to impart blows which could hit with the force of "a white dwarf star," enabling him to knock down such powerful foes as those Annoying Gate Campers with a single punch. Not many people pick on Fla5h in a bar fight. 

Universe Travel - A super secret modified jump clone.

Fictional Supervillain

Once a loathed enemy of the JLE and especially to Fla5h. Fictional Supervillain turned good guy and joined the JLE after Fla5h rescued his dog that had fallen into an ice pond whilst planetside in Egbinger. 

Fictional Supervillain possesses commensurate powers and abilities so that he can present a daunting challenge to his opponent. Even without actual physical, mystical, superhuman or superalien powers, Fictional Supervillain often possesses a genius intellect that allows him to draft complex schemes or create fantastic devices. Another common trait is possession of considerable resources to help further his aims. Fictional Supervillain shares some typical characteristics with New Eden's dictators, mobsters, and terrorists and openly admits to aspirations of world domination and universal leadership. He lists Sard Caid as his role model.

Quite probably has a cat on his desk.

Experimental Blind Chimp
Quarter human, quarter chimp and half robot. Experimental Blind Chimp was the code name of an advanced Jin-Mei underground scheme to develop an advanced fighting platform to fight the advancing Caldari forces.

Millions of these Chimp-like robots were manufactured at secret bunkers across the Gallente star cluster. 

It is not known what became of them.

Rumours abound of one escaped Chimp that broke free from his hardwires. And yes, this is him.

EBC is the chief engineer of the JLE starfleet. He is responsible for all maintenance and repairs stationside. It is not known at the time of writing if EBC has any special powers, although he does eat a vast amount of synthetic bananas.

Justice League of Egbinger ... coming soon to a solar system near you.



  1. Can't wait..experimental blind chimp my favourite (classic).Great blog as always dont ever stop writing Miura.

  2. http://i.minus.com/iNFrc3phFZgGU.gif

  3. Hehe, this looks like it is gonna be awesome xD. Might move some ships down from skarkon to see whats up >:D