26 Oct 2013

The Uniform Rift (part II - Inspection)

Previously on The Uniform Rift, the Screaming Hayabusa Corporate Uniform is successfully rolled out.

A random inspection was carried out on the 25th October 2013 at 20:23 ....

Four (4) pilots were present at the time of the random inspection.

The following pilots were present and were dressed in the correct attire.

Crake Gaterau
Duke Thunderhorse

The inspector marked the following pilots down as exemplary.

Crake Gaterau

Duke Thunderhorse


The following (1) pilot was given a black mark for poor dress sense.


The results have been forwarded to the records department.

This concludes the first SKRMR dress code inspection.

Further ....

After the inspection was complete, the following pilot, at 20:28 was observed to have said the following.

Lhorenzho > NO ONE...............I repeat NO ONE........tells me how to dress sir

This has been reported and will be added to the results of the inspection.

To be continued ....


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