13 Oct 2013

RvB Ganked 88: Flux Capacitor

Date: Saturday 12th October 2013

Time: 20.00 UTC (Form Up 19.00)


Theme: Inties & Fast Frigs.
(One last play around before they change)

Where: Gelfiven / Oddelulf

Idling in Molden Heath I had decided I would fly a Crusader, having not flown one for quite some time. Doing my shop in Teonusude however I was a little disappointed to note that they had only Raptors and Maledictions in stock in the station. In fact these were the only Interceptors for sale in the entire region. With less than an hour to go I decided to fit up a rail Raptor instead, soon to be one of the kings of the Inty world but sadly pre-buff not quite so good.

TGL3 debated on comms what the actual DPS of the fleet would be, with Ranises and Assault Frigs mentioned. At this point I decided instead to ditch the Raptor and jump into a Jaguar that I had in station. No more nasty Raptor. Demoted to the reserve list.

I named my mighty Jaguar .... 88 m/s

We burned through Oddelulf and Tidi was at 60 odd percent, we hit Bosena and Tidi got even worse at something silly like 30 percent. Warping across the system took for ever and it was called out on comms that a Stabber Fleet was aggressed on the Heild gate.

We then burned through to Great Wildlands. In Egbinger some poor guy was mining away in the belt in his Retriever. Bad timing.

Great Wildlands was pretty much dead as usual and our next engagement would come in Curse where we fought a Zealot gang with Logi and Tech 3 support. We killed most of their Guardians and a Zealot before they bailed out. We also lost a few people to random bombers before, during and after the fight but it was a victory for the fast frigates on this occasion.

Good fight.

The next fight further up the Curse pipe saw us engage a gang of Eagles that had Scimis, Scythes and Recon support. This was quite a long fight and we managed to burn down the Scythes, some of the Recons and a Sabre before a RAZOR gang of Vexors, Sabres and some other stuff started to land. With the Scimis not breaking and knowing the RAZOR gang was allied to the TNT gang we bailed and had a short bio break.

Battle report.

We killed a Thrasher, a Drake and some other stuff as we headed out of Curse and into Catch before we met up again with the Vexor gang. We killed what we could before they bailed.

Moving on ....

A Hurricane was destroyed after jumping into us.

One of our forward scouts then reported a Hulk party in the ice fields. It was reported that some 12 Hulks and a Moa were on scan, presumably on guard duty. The scout warped in for tackle and pinned down one of the Hulks. The rest scattered and the Hulk was snagged.

We held this guy for quite some time in the hope that his buddies would come save him but wisely they chose not to. Nice tank.

We had another short break before we killed a Moa and a Cormorant that were camping the outgate bubbles in HED-GP.

With the fleet now many hours long and numbers dwindling it was decided that we'd head to Providence to scare the locals and end the roam with a most (dis)honourable death. By Provi BLOB.

A Procurer was found and the entire fleet piled in.

Reports were coming in that a defence fleet was just 1 jump out. This would be our final act.

I managed to get on two Basilisk kills and a Scythe kill before the Jaguar was swatted away and turned into dust.

I then set my waypoint back to Curse, 13 jumps or so back to the safety of NOT Provi. I managed to evade a gatecamp by the skin of my teeth and then on the next gate I landed in a bubble with a gang on grid. Somehow they failed to snag me so I warped to a planet and podded myself instead.

Game over.

A nice roam with a mixture of good fights and ganks along the way. An enjoyable evening. Jaguar is king Assault Frigate when roaming null in gangs. I love flying the thing in gangs.

Thanks to the RvB guys for the roam and to TGL3 for the fc'ing.

Ganked killboard.

Until next time ...



  1. I'm half sad I missed this, sounds like it was fun.

  2. I used to love the ganked roams when I was in RvB. I miss them :/