5 Oct 2013

Dirty Loyalty Points

I don't want to join faction warfare but I think that as a reward for spending the vast majority of my time in low-sec and in the faction warfare complexes, that I should be rewarded for my attempted 'conquering' and 'evicting' efforts.

Rewarded for the endless chase.

So when I warp into a plex and there is a farmer who warps away into the distance, and there's 6 minutes or whatever left on the clock, I should be able to tick down the timer and then claim a percentage of the loyalty points that the faction warfare pilot has in theory 'lost'. I do think stealing them all would be a bit too much.

I would hope that this would create a scenario where pilots are fighting over the loyalty points, two frigs in a plex and the winner takes all.

I would call these stolen loyalty points Dirty Loyalty Points. This would ultimately generate a potential income stream to those that actually want to live in low-sec and FIGHT. In real warzones people get shot for cowardice, in the Eve Online warzone they are rewarded.

These points can then be redeemed exactly as they are in faction warfare. Perhaps this might be going a bit too far but the option to sell them back to the pilot would be another avenue to investigate.

Further, for killing a faction warfare pilot, I should obtain loyalty points in the same way direct faction warfare-to-faction warfare combat loyalty points are handed out. Another little cherry on the top after a fight, if you will.

But this will never work you say? What will be the point in the grand scheme of things and in the big picture of the faction warfare world?

I have no idea. War isn't a routine, there should be obstacles in the quest for loyalty point generation, the thieves who come along are like a rebel army, like mercenaries.

If I am being honest I haven't really thought this through in any real detail, it was just a mad thought I had at 3am, so I fired up the computer and wrote. I am going to assume that this has been discussed before, but I guess I just wanted to ramble a bit and get some ideas down.

So I am now imagining a faction warfare playground that is on fire. A harsh, harsh place where everybody dies. Pirates versus Plexers, Opportunists versus the Defenders of the Plex. Nobody runs away any more, a farmer uprising where they find teeth and get their knuckles grazed and bloodied once in a while. You have to scratch and bite to survive out here, jungle warfare, dark and dangerous.

Can you imagine the carnage and bloodshed that would occur each and every day if people actually had to stand and defend their loyalty points instead of wimping out and moving onto another plex? Knowing that the guy who just warped in is going to steal your shit, nobody wants to lose what they 'work' for, right?

Can you imagine the appeal that this would generate for low-sec in general as a destination and as a valid playstyle and place to earn some ISK? Join faction warfare or be the bad guy and kill and siphon off of others. I think it could potentially mix things up just right, yes, like setting the fields on fire with a giant flame thrower and then making everybody run around picking strawberries with a fuel can tied to them.

It's just a pipe dream but something like this would have me heading into the warzones rather than heading out in frustration.



  1. I would support people/corps/alliances being able to join a pirate faction and getting lp for kills in areas where that pirate faction is the local rat type. Then they could tie system security status into it. High sec would get a lot smaller I think.