26 Oct 2013

The Uniform Rift (part I - Intro)

Recently, the Screaming Hayabusa corporation implemented an advisory dress code, the details of which are outlined below.

What is the Screaming Hayabusa Uniform?

The Official SKRMR Corporate Uniform is a collection of men's and women's clothing articles, selected by the Miura Bull Advanced Fashion Kouncil (MBAFK) to provide a distinct look to the SKRMR members. At this writing, there is no way provided by CCP for Corporations to create their own personal look in either clothing or ship skins.

                                           Where can I obtain a Uniform?

                                         Firstly, and most paramount, it is NOT (yet) MANDATORY for any pilot to purchase, wear or use any of these articles of clothing. As you will see, they are very expensive. Pilots should concentrate their playstyle and focus on flying their ships into glorious balls of death and destruction. However, it has to be said that looking fabulous while on a killing spree can only be beneficial and a great boost to self-confidence. Pilots are recommended to stick to the uniform colour scheme at the minimum.

The clothing selections were chosen from the NeX Store, since these items are not available in the Character Generator. This allows for a more custom collection. It is noteworthy that not all of the following items are available on the NeX stores and you might have to check the Region Markets to obtain them. As prices may vary quite a lot, it's recommended that you check several regions before spending your isk. A personal shopping assistant is available on request, the MBAFK team of personal shoppers come highly recommended and will give you the makeover you crave. Leaving you feeling wonderfully refreshed for combat!

The Uniform

There is one distinct uniform style for each sex; listed below and this is the Standard work issue uniform which is designed to be smart casual and comfortable. Market prices, depending upon Region, may differ substantially. Check out EVE Central for current quantities and prices. It is a good idea to shop around the various Trade Hubs. Noteworthy here, if SKRMR is at war, you must use your main to visit the hubs to make your purchases. This adds more excitement and danger factor to your shopping sprees. Also remember that clothing carried as cargo (i.e. not worn) can be dropped as any item in ship hangars. As such you should never transport NeX store items in the cargo hold of ships, for they may become contaminated in the cargohold. Wear them instead (the item reappears once you no longer wear it) or put them in the corporate laundry hangar of an Orca (if available).

Men's Uniform

Men's 'Lockstep' Boots (True Black) ('Trench' or 'Precision' Boots may be worn as a substitute but should be dark in colour)

Men's 'Commando' Pants (Black/Red) (Other 'Commando' Pants may be worn as a substitute but they must be dark in colour)

Men's 'Sterling' Dress Shirt (Red/Black Leather) (Other Dress Shirts can be worn as a substitute but again they should be dark in colour) 

If a dress shirt is not worn, a standard shirt or vest should be worn, preferably in a dark colour.

Eyewear should be original Nightstalker Combat Goggles or pilot's own shades, preferably black. Monocles and other eyewear pieces are okay but should first be approved by the corporate optician. 

Tattoos are allowed but you must disclose all tattoos at your corporate medical prior to joining. Any new tattoos during your stay should be reported to your medical officer and your records will be updated.

Women's Uniform

The women's uniform should be similar in style to the men's. 

Black boots are recommended when on duty, on standby or when in station hangars. Heels are not recommended when on duty as they may become stuck in hangar flooring. Heels are okay in the officer's mess only.

Black pants are advisable when on duty. Skirts for the officer's mess only please.

Black coat, black dress or vest tops to be worn when on duty. For the officer's mess it is advised to wear a dark coloured blouse with black skirt or full smart dress. All dresses should first be examined and approved by Lhorenzho.

Off Duty

When off duty, pilots are advised to wear comfortable pants and a plain military tee-shirt. The plain top should be dark in colour.

Pilots are reminded that Screaming Hayabusa corporate facilities are no smoking venues.

Pilots are reminded that Screaming Hayabusa pilots are responsible for their own kit and housekeeping expenses.

Pilots are reminded that random uniform spot checks may be carried out at any time. Although not a mandatory dress code at this moment in time, pilots will be offered advice if they repeatedly violate the dress regulations or ignore a request after an inspection.

To be continued .....


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