29 Mar 2013

Combat Boosters Reloaded

Deep in the darkest corner of null-sec space sits a modest drug lab and other wonderful chemical and biochemical paraphernalia. A mad scientist is at work. They call him Chemical Daddy or the Doo-Doo Man and they say that he never eats or sleeps and that his eyes are made of synthetic golden cytoserocin.

The stars twinkle to a seemingly never-ending backdrop of the endless void. Visitors pass through the old stargates, oblivious to the revolution that is cooking in this magical system that for the most part sits in a permanent silence. In the distance a chemical reactor array bubbles and froths like a witch's cauldron. 

Today a new combat booster is born. A revolution is about to take place. A miracle. Pilots will rejoice and sing about the Doo-Doo Man as their guns chatter and sing through broken jam cycles!

Introducing the Zenith. 

A combat booster so powerful that the rumour goes that just a mere moment's thought of this drug will send a gatecamping Falcon pilot into a delirious rage that causes their head to literally pop instantaneously.

The Zenith is a powerful combat booster and not for the faint of heart.

Zenith combat booster.

  • Synth ~ 10% chance of 60 seconds of ECM immunity. No penalty.

  • Standard ~ 25% chance of 60 seconds of ECM immunity. 20% chance of -25% speed penalty.

  • Improved ~ 50% chance of 60 seconds of ECM immunity. 30% chance of -50% speed penalty.

  • Strong ~ 75% chance of 60 seconds of ECM immunity. 40% chance of -75% speed penalty.

The hit is so strong and so mesmerising that it causes the wires in the brain to slowly cook and burn like a light bulb filament. This gives the chance of an overall speed penalty as the navigation cortex slowly fries under heavy load. Early test subjects have reported that this speed penalty is not as bad as it may first sound, the feeling of euphoria at escaping a cycle on the test Falcon proving a worthwhile sweetener to the fear of cooking your own brain. The burning sensation the test subjects reported was easily soothed with a milk of Bosena capsule inserted into the left ear canal.

It is also worth noting that for the duration of the booster the chance is repeated per attempted jam cycle and is not restricted to one dice roll, so to speak. During a live experiment test subjects reported extreme frustration shown from the test Falcons as their jams continued to fail.

The revolution is here people.



  1. +1 Would buy and consume erry day.

  2. Automatic inclusion in the inventory of every ship I own, and damn the police.

    As written, this booster is probably too powerful.

    HOWEVER, if you switched it for something like a (big) percentage boost to your ship's sensor strength for a short time, with the same potential downsides... yeah.

    1. Yeah I was very deliberate on making the stats overpowered as a sly dig at the power of ECM as it currently stands in game.

  3. I need this, I think the internet gods jammed my last comment :(

  4. This needs to be put on the features and ideas discussion forums...go!

    1. I dare somebody! It would get shot down to pieces but I guess that was half my aim sooo ...

  5. And all the logi pilots drool...

  6. Bottle needs to be pinker

  7. Very nice, you should run for CSM!