25 Mar 2013

Screaming Outburst

The Enyo swoops. The imaginary back-up prober has yielded a 100% hit as the fleet chat window spools up into life.

Miura Bull > forgive me, wrong button click

The fleet window is closed but we are already in warp. Somewhere, on top of a mountain, snow swirls and the sky darkens as a warp scrambler is engaged.


JewS Sebone > help plz

JewS Sebone > help me


In a moment of desperation the hapless victim opens up a conversation with the Screaming Hayabusa! pilot. This is not the nicest way to lose a ship, but a lesson will be learned today and a God must be fed.

Miura Bull > hello

JewS Sebone > for watch?

JewS Sebone > for what?

JewS Sebone > *

Miura Bull > a sacrifice to the Hayabusa

Miura Bull > I serve one God. I feed the Falcon and it protects me

Miura Bull > protects my fellows, you were the sacrifice for a favourable future dice roll

JewS Sebone > kill mi

JewS Sebone > kapsule

JewS Sebone > just kill kaps now plz

Miura Bull > self destruct. the hayabusa has fed. the warm glow of death now awaits you

Miura Bull > you must commit this final passage with your own hand

JewS Sebone > in short don't know how you'll understand that YOU GANDON FUCKING NOT ВИДИШ QUEST I am going TO do my COCK SO DO PIDARAS YOU FUCKING

Miura Bull > Summer grasses,
All that remains,
Of soldiers' dreams

JewS Sebone > wath

JewS Sebone > you humanly can say

JewS Sebone > wat are you?

Miura Bull > find the mountain. forgiveness awaits you

JewS Sebone > and now the same thing only not in halting English

Miura Bull > fly safe, my little pea

JewS Sebone > fku



  1. Silenced; plaintive cry.
    Bloody talons, falcon swoops!
    The void swallows all.

  2. JewS Sebone > wat are you?
    If I remember correctly, that is exactly what the murderous alien asked Schwarzennegers "Dutch" Schaefer character in the great old movie "predator". You are in good company.

  3. a cry in the dark
    now hungry the God is fed
    fly safe, little pea

    for my master,

    The Bull

  4. A silent wreck feeds
    The Screaming Hayabusa.
    Rest now little pea.

  5. The falcon is fed, lets hope it is satisfied.

  6. LOL, nice one MB.

  7. Ahahahahaha! FYI, GANDON=condom (a strong slur in Russian) and PIDARAS=faggot.

    1. oh LOL! I did wonder. Thanks for clearing that up Nurs. :)