21 Mar 2013

War Thunder Movie: Into Darkness

I've been playing quite a bit of War Thunder just recently. It's a great way to grab an instant PvP fix, just log on and jump into a plane and enter an arcade battle. Lose your planes and then quit the mission, take your experience points, skill up your crew and then join another game once you have repaired your planes or purchased new ones. It's good, I like it and it can be a nice distraction from the hardcore levels of EVE.

I do admit that I'm not really very good at the game in all honesty, but it sure as hell is fun as you climb up that skill ladder. Although I must stop calling my planes ships! It doesn't half confuse the other people on my comms when I call a plane a ship. Heh.

This is a cool fan video that I feel showcases some of the great gameplay and graphics.


Think it might be of interest to you? Head on over and download the game and then add me as a friend--my ingame name is AceMiura and I'm currently skilling up all the Japanese planes. We can be wingmen and fly sorties together and become dogfight legends of the skies! What's to lose? After all it is free!

War Thunder website.



  1. That's afan video? Jesus. looks like it was made by the company itself. Awesome. I think i'll try it out. Thanks for the heads up :)

  2. Nice. I've actually been playing Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders for some time now as an alternative to EvE.


    Obviously, you need an Apple device for it. In terms of pick-up-and-go fun it's pretty righteous. They also have WWI and modern versions.

  3. Goddamn you Bull. Now I'm addicted. :P

    1. It's easy on-tap pvp. It is quite addictive yeah. I had 5 or 6 days not playing just doing stuff in eve but I have just had an hour or 3 on it. You can lose track of time so easily!