20 Mar 2013

Screaming Hayabusa!

Excerpt from Advice to Screaming Hayabusa pilots. Flight training and mental conditioning.

  ... and three red lights indicates that structure collapse is imminent. Pilots should brace for impact and/or consult their flight manuals. At the very last moment before structure collapse you should exert all of your supernatural strength, you will for a very brief amount of time feel that you are floating.

Section VIII, chapter 6.

After clone death. Keep walking straight ahead and follow the signs to the clone vats. The red door on your left is the door into Elysium. A permanent warm glow emanates from its edges, brilliantly white and almost blinding. You can not enter here. Keep walking. You must not be drawn to this door, the door is always locked. Elysium awaits you, one day, but not yet. Only when you have achieved purity from many battles and lived by the highest level of Bushido may you earn the right to open the red door. Inside there are many dead Hayabusa and the warriors fly here in isolation, enjoying the afterlife in luxury and permanent warmth. So keep walking straight ahead to your next clone, yours is the dull grey door with the metal wash.

As you await the processing of your next clone, take a few moments to remember the Screaming Hayabusa guidelines.

The Screaming Hayabusa pilot does not agree to participate in a 1v1 encounter of any kind, nor does he offer one. Instead, the Screaming Hayabusa pilot looks to engineer his own fights through cunning and superior skill. 

The Screaming Hayabusa pilot does not offer ransoms of any kind, nor does he agree to pay a ransom of any kind.

The Screaming Hayabusa pilot does not engage in unnecessary local chat. A 'gf' or a simple 'o/' is all the Screaming Hayabusa pilot should ever need to type in local to the enemy. Silence in local during combat is an important part of the Screaming Hayabusa philosophy. 

The Screaming Hayabusa pilot does not use ECM ships or modules of any kind.  

The Screaming Hayabusa pilot will show mental strength to observe the above main guidelines. A pilot who intentionally goes against the code is always removed from the roster and for ever stigmatised. Some pilots are even hunted down and executed.

The Screaming Hayabusa pilot shows great honour in death no matter how death is achieved. To die as a Screaming Hayabusa warrior is a true honour and should be embraced. There is no feeling of loss or hatred towards the enemy. Every loss is a final piece in the puzzle to Elysium and the unlocking of the red door. Losses and victories are equal.

The Hayabusa and its minions are feared but also respected. ECM is the poison dart but when we are poisoned by it we do not react with anger, instead the Screaming Hayabusa pilot awaits death with open arms.

The Screaming Hayabusa pilot does not settle in one home. He is always on the move, a nomad who will fly from region to region on a daily basis to practice his warrior code and way of life.

The Screaming Hayabusa pilot operates in hostile environments and is capable of going about his work as a solo pilot when there are no gangmates available. Often for extended periods of time.

The Screaming Hayabusa pilot does not ever become disheartened if he is on a losing streak or he has found no fights. To lose is to meet death. To not fight is to remain alive for one more day to prepare you for your next death. 


Despite this document leak, critics have been quick to dismiss Screaming Hayabusa as 'just another bored MB alt corp'. Although there have been whisperings of a planned recruitment drive and the shaping of a new long-term project, with sources revealing this will be a small gang endeavour open only to a limited amount of pilots. But judging by the strict guidelines seemingly in place it is not certain how much interest if any the former R1FTA leader will manage to attract to his latest gimmick.

Miura Bull and his representatives were unavailable for comment at the time of this article going to print.

Brian Velhorakhi. Tracking the Mad Men of Our Time. Brutor Herald.



  1. I can fly, I'm a pilot!

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    1. I lol'd ... in fact I'm going to 'borrow' that for my corp description. :)

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  4. Lhorenzho ->hands the carny his ticket and with mixed emotions boards the latest Miura Bull ride,,,,,,,,,

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    1. Hehe. Do you think there is a theme building here? :P I'd have re-opened Hellhawks but the account with the holding toon expired and .. yeah. I recruited someone today. My first pvp monk-like warrior. Let the good times roll!


  6. A monk once asked The Bull, "What is the Way?" The Bull answered thus: "A dried shit-stick!

    Book of the Bull

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