17 Jun 2013

Space Hermit (episode 2)

Previously on Space Hermit ....

Miura begins to doubt what he has become. A murderous loner who is hellbent on furthering his machine-like killing sprees of which he has little to no memory. After much soul searching Miura is left with the realisation that he must crawl out of his shell and find a fix to this loner lifestyle. Fearing a fall into the downward spiral of capsuleer burnout, will the friends he has hidden from for so long now ride to his rescue?

(epsiode 2)

SKRMR pilot Nogusha claims that Miura has reached a pinnacle. An unparalleled level of e-bushido; the complete absence of thought and emotion in combat. He goes on to reveal that Miura is displaying strong levels of The Hayabusa. The spirit of combat that Miura himself has in some way created. A spirit that he and his followers so devoutly worship.

Now, was Nogusha stating that there is in fact no problem and everything is working as intended?

Miura begins to see that maybe Nogusha is right. Is the fear creeping away?

"I think it was the times we sat on the mountain. We must have had some sort of out-of-body experience where our soul departs for the battlefield and fights for us."

"We must learn to master this art and we can pvp whilst afk."

A dangerous thought coming from the mind of a killer. What if this dark technology is on the horizon. A world of robotic killers with no emotion who can pilot their ships without the need to be in their capsule or at the controls.

The addiction to the loner lifestyle was again sinking its claws into Miura.

In the distance two socialite angels began to sing as they headed for Miura's lair. Sard Caid and Arianne Stone were riding fast on the rainbow expressway of friendship. Could they be the saviours? Perhaps an intervention was just around the corner ...

Then, out of the darkness stepped the indomitable Lhorenzho, approaching Miura who was sat at his desk and staring at the black walls in deep thought. Lhorenzho had heard news of the impending arrival of the socialites.

"What is it with this melancholia?" He boomed.

"Remember that night in Hevrice top station? Or was it Heild. I know it started with an H. The table top was littered with empty pitchers, and we had the bar girls on our laps and they had one hand down our pants and the other on our wallets, nibbling on our ears and you reached over and tapped me on the shoulder and said ..."

"I think I am a hermit!"

"What did I tell you? You remember what I told you?"

"People are NO DAMN GOOD!"

"This solo killing spree you are on is your way of spitting in the Universes eye and saying...I REJECT YOU AND THE PATHETIC CREATURES that inhabit you!"

"Hermit is good. Enjoy it."

Miura sat there in silence taking in what his loyal sidekick was saying.

What would happen next?



  1. "What would happen next?"


  2. Either embrace the loneliness to make you stronger using your pain to smite those who cross your path, the explosions and the sound of gunfire distracting all but the most observant from seeing the solitary tear in your eye as you impassively watch the ships around you explode or join arms with trusted friends as a small group rejecting the ways of the blob, showing reckless disregard for conventional living, a stealthy fast moving group of warriors, less pure in their aim and ideology then the solo pilot? Hard to say, certainly there is a thrill in taking take a force greater then oneself alone, and being alone enables one to appreciate the emptiness and sheer beauty of space in a way that you might not do as a group.
    Hmmm, further meditation on the subject may be required.