20 Jun 2013

The Solo Combat Pilot's Regional Guide: Placid

In reality, Placid is anything but. The southern reaches of the region are home to the notorious Intaki, whose huge emphasis on personal freedom goes some way towards explaining its general lawlessness. The situation is not helped by the Federation's seeming reluctance to invest heavily in the region - a source of some resentment among the Intaki who haven't already fled to Syndicate.

To make matters worse, much of what does get earmarked for the region ends up being used to bolster the Federation's increasingly important military presence in Placid's turbulent and far-flung northern extremities, which are constantly under threat.

Entry Points.

Placid is a high-traffic region, a busy low-sec faction warfare playground and Serpentis pirate haven. Bordering Pure Blind, Cloud Ring and Black Rise in the North. Essence in the central cluster. Syndicate in the West and South and Verge Vendor in the South and East.

From Black Rise:

  • via Nennamaila to Aldranette 
  • via Eha to Oicx

From Cloud Ring:

  • via F7C-H0 to Alsavoinon

From Essence:

  • via Mesybier to Orvolle

From Pure Blind:

  • via RQH-MY to Mantenault

From Syndicate:

  • via MHC-R3 to Harroule 
  • via TXW-EI to Vestouve
  • via PF-346 to Orvolle

From Verge Vendor:

  • via Loes to Agoze
  • via Aidart to either Stacmon or Avaux

The North.

In the North of Placid the war between the Gallente and Caldari rages on daily with little to no respite in between. This is prime hunting ground for the solo combat pilot as the factions clash and fight over important strategic territories. From the small pocket of systems that surround Frarie and Eugales and onwards through Vlillirier and up towards the Black Rise border, a multitude of systems ripe with combat opportunity await the brave traveller. At peak times in this northern zone, faction warfare complexes will often be inhabited by militia pilots or groups. Off-peak, simply open one up and see what pays you a visit.

From Aldranette, the solo combat pilot can traverse a narrow pipe of systems that eventually lead to the high-sec border system of Maut in the sometimes forgotten far North-West. This chicken run of systems is also part of the faction warfare playground, although because of its remoteness it is often less populated than the rest of the North. Don't let this put you off the hunt though, as its remoteness can also give pilots a false feeling of security. Maut is also a popular system for ratters and the odd brave/lost miner due to its high-sec border.

Travel Advisory:

An insta-locking camp is usually active in Oulley solar system, the camp catching traffic that is entering the faction warfare zones from Orvolle or traffic that is heading to Orvolle from Aubenall. It is not advisable to navigate the Oulley gate from either direction. The solo combat pilot should have Oulley solar system set to avoid.

On the other side of Orvolle in Osmeden there is usually an insta-locking faction warfare camp. This camp will also tackle and destroy any flashies that try to navigate it. Although this is not a permanent camp like Oulley, care should be taken.

The chicken run to Maut will occasionally play host to sporadic camps due to it being a pipe. Although a quick check of 'active pilots in space' can usually decipher if a camp is active or not.

From Orvolle, entry into Syndicate via PF-346 is not recommended. Camps and bubbled gates are the norm and those not prepared with pre-made tactical bookmarks will often meet a grizzly end.

Intaki and the East.

Intaki is a low-sec faction warfare system with a rich history. Intaki also has a trade hub, situated at the Astral Mining Refinery station above Intaki Prime (Intaki V - Moon 5 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery). It can be a decent market at times, perfect for replenishing ammunition and for purchasing new modules, ships and weapon systems.

The surrounding systems border Verge Vendor to the East and at times see high-traffic entering and exiting the region from Loes solar system. Vey is the gateway to the North. Plex fighting can be found in abundance in this area, especially during peak times in Agoze and Ostingele.

Travel Advisory:

Ostingele is sometimes a hot-spot for camps, in particular at the Stacmon high-sec gate, which is at times heavily camped. The entry point into Syndicate can also be camped at times, caution is advised.

Pelille Pocket.

Just off of the busy Ostingele system is a pocket of high-sec systems and three low-sec systems that are always worth looking in for the solo combat pilot. Pelille, Grispire and Dour, whilst quiet for most of the day, can also be great systems for finding explorers, tag ratters and low-sec miners.


Stacmon is Placid's acknowledged trade hub system. Stacmon V - Moon 9 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant is the main trading station, although other stations in the system have an abundance of goods and wares for sale, not always an ideal situation at times admittedly. The market is generally good but also expensive compared to other trade hubs. Some rare and more specialised items are frustratingly not always available. Pilots with a less than desirable security status should be watchful of insta-lockers looking for an easy 'flashy red' killmail on the undocks and stargates. Stacmon isn't really an ideal system to shop in with negative security status.

The nearby low-sec systems of Iges, Dastryns, Uphallant and Covryn are prime systems for hunting in. Faction warfare complexes as well as intrepid explorers, ratters and miners meaning a potential target is never too far away.

Travel Advisory:

Camps on the Stacmon gates are a danger in Ostingele, Dastryns and Covryn. The Stacmon gate in Ostingele is by far the most camped gate out of the three, followed by Dastryns and then Covryn.

Avaux Pocket.

This low-sec pocket is protected by a wall of high-sec, but that should not put you off hunting in here as a frigate or cruiser can easily navigate the high-sec gates without too much trouble. Situated close to some of the Gallente starter systems, this often overlooked pocket gets its fair share of lost and wandering pilots. At times it can be a great hunting experience. The main systems for hunting in are the high-sec border systems of Avaux and Amoen, with travel between these two systems also offering up the occasional target.

Travel Advisory:

The entry into Avaux from Aidart can sometimes be camped during busy periods although this is rare. Entry via Slays is usually the best option. This pocket is also home to a coalition of alliances who will band up together and hunt you down if you linger for too long or upset their carebearing operations.

The South.

To the south lies a section of systems that ultimately lead West to Syndicate. The majority of the systems are just outside of the busier faction warfare zones of the North and East, and as such mainly make for good hunting of ratters above anything else. A popular route for 'tag ratters', it is always worth roaming the South for targets as the 'true' low security status of the systems make for ideal ratting grounds.

Some of the dead-end systems are home to industrial and logistic wings of major alliances and corporations.

Travel Advisory:

Due to the pipe-like and dead-end nature of the systems, camps can occur, especially during peak times. Caution is advised. Always read the map before travel.



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