17 Jun 2013

Space Hermit

I am a Space Hermit.

Space Hermits are dedicated to the life of the true solo combat pilot. Anti-social or just playing on hardcore mode, these pilots live and fly, to some degree, in seclusion from society. Gangs are alien to them. Some Space Hermits claim gangs to be a bewildering experience where the urge to fly alone again is constantly ever present.

It started with a tweet I made commenting on the fact that my stats were showing I had no known associates recorded for the previous 90 days.

A few people commented that they'd 'x' up. Legendary pirate playboy in black rubber pants, Sard Caid, drove home the realisation that I had feared all along.

In the quest for glory I had taken to the path of shunning friends and acquaintances, hell, even corpmates at times I think. I have been flying like a man possessed. In the first two weeks of the month I had clocked up just under 150 killmails, all solo. I browsed my killboard and half of the kills I had no memory of. I genuinely could not remember the fights. I was not logged in and flying as Miura Bull, oh no, I was simply functioning as a machine. A machine programmed to generate killmails or lossmails. I joked openly about this with corpmates but in reality I wasn't joking.

Was I dancing precariously on the edge of the stage with a fall into the burnout chamber a very real possibility? I dunno, maybe.

I think I will fix this strange feeling and actually fly with other people over the coming months.

Space Hermit Miura, depicted in his quarters being visited by two angels.



  1. Ranked 156th on June 3rd on BC. You big slut you :)

    That's impressive dawg. Can I haz your skillz?

  2. MB has attained an unparalleled level of e-bushido; the complete absence of thought and emotion in combat.

    The Hayabusa is strong with this one.

    1. I think it was the times we sat on the mountain. We must have had some sort of out-of-body experience where our soul departs for the battlefield and fights for us.

      We must learn to master this art and we can pvp whilst afk.

  3. da bull needs moar shoopz!


    1. LOL that is brilliant! Coffee spat everywhere :D

  4. What is it with this melancholia?
    Remember that night in Hevrice top station? Or was it Heild. I know it started with an H. The table top was littered with empty pitchers, and we had the bar girls on our laps and they had one hand down our pants and the other on our wallets, nibbling on our ears and you reached over and tapped me on the shoulder and said..."I think I am a hermit!"
    What did I tell you? You remember what I told you?
    People are NO DAMN GOOD!
    This solo killing spree you are on is your way of spitting in the Universes eye and saying...I REJECT YOU AND THE PATHETIC CREATURES that inhabit you!
    Hermit is good. Enjoy it.