1 Dec 2012

The Death of Lowsec Frig Fights?

From patch notes: 
1/10 and 2/10 static DED complexes have been moved to the exploration system

This one seems to have been snuck in during the dead of night. It is definitely a killing blow for lowsec pvp. The 1/10 and 2/10 complexes are an easy meeting point for casual frigate/destroyer sized pvp. Heck, we've even built a corporate culture around it. Dare I say everybody knows if they're looking for a quick fix all they need do is fit up a frigate and go loiter around a 2/10 for a bit. Somebody will oblige sooner or later.

For what it's worth my gut feeling is this won't be changed now, it seems set in stone. But if you don't agree with this planned change you can at least go voice your opinion in this thread.

It seems a really bizarre proposal to me. It's like somebody from high above was sent to investigate what was wrong with the farming of these complexes but they got sent out to a highsec one. After all, nobody would go into the ghetto of lowsec where the spaceships are left jacked up on bricks if they loiter too long would they? They wouldn't think it appropriate to go spend a bit of time in the lowsec systems where pvp flourishes because of these complexes, to see what kind of positive effect they have, oh no.

These complexes have been the blooding grounds of many a new pvper cutting his teeth. That might just have died now.



  1. Congratz to those who can now brag to others they won an online medal from flying internet space ships! ^_^ (srsly congratz all)

  2. Whoops that went to the wrong post.... xD

    1. lolol. internet spaceship medals are almost as srs bsns as the actual internet spaceship non? :D

    2. hehe I couldn't agree more!