2 Dec 2012

November R1DER stats

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It was almost a clean sweep across the board for R1FTA pilot Tavisturus during the month of November as he blitzed his way through the killboard rankings. Top killer with an impressive 218 kills for the month with runner-up Miss Carry chasing him all the way to December with an equally impressive 191 kills.

Tavisturus also lead the way in the solo kills chart with 124 solo kills to his name.

Ohm's Law's lead the way in the highsec slaughter list with the most highsec kills (34). An impressive number to say he is a -10 outlaw.


3D Horrorshow took the top rank in the top griefer charts with 38 'tearful carebear kills'. Salisar Salubrious and Miss Carry ran him close all the way with 35 and and 32 kills respectively.

Ohm's Law's was a clear leader in the most pod kills category (50).

Kohana Maxwell bagged top spot in the capital ship kills section with 3 cap kills.

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Not surprising considering his success in the other categories, Tavisturus finished the month of November as the overall top scorer and the top damage dealer.

In the top losers category 3D Horrorshow took the 'top' spot with 90 losses. There's no shame in losing ships though.

Here's to another exciting month of killing!



  1. Man I wish I could get that many kills in a month. Hell, I'd settle for that many losses in a month.

    You think any of those guys be willing to come over and babysit my 5 little girls for a few weeks while I go pew pew?

    1. your asking some of the most famous and deadly pirates to babysit your children?


    2. Dude .. you've never seen the way my children behave ...