25 Dec 2012

The Adoration of MB

Oil on canvas, from my own private gallery.

Originally loaned to the National Brutor Gallery this painting was inspired by the original ancient Earth masterpiece and was redone by one of Miura Bull's private artists.

The painting shows a fairly conventional depiction of this very common scene, with some unusual details. The number of shepherds is rather large at nine, and the pose of the shepherd pointing at the baby MB while looking over his shoulder outside the picture space suggests that more are arriving. Or possibly he has seen the approaching CONCORD response fleet, the next arrivals in the traditional MB narrative.

The Rifter chasing the Punisher in the background is taken from the much-loved festive season story that is told to many young Brutor and other Minmatar children at this time of year.

It is not known what the red-eyed and blank-faced angels bring to the scene, but the eye patch on the Virgin Mary is an interesting spin and an obvious nod to the Life of Piracy, a profession to which the young prodigy would later be so devilishly drawn to.