1 Dec 2012

The Amazingly Cap Stable Osprey Blueprint Hauler

... and the roam North. A story about frigates.

We left Skarkon a little after 21:00 eve time. A glorious sight, a wing of Assault Frigates and support diving into Etherium Reach at the start of what was expected to be a perilous journey.

Enyo x2, Wolf x2, Jaguar x3, a Vengeance, a Hawk, a Condor, an Executioner, Dirty Protagonist of (7-2) in a Retribution and our scout for the night Major Floor of Agony Unleashed in his Stiletto. Kaeda Maxwell our FC. A nice fleet composition. It was all set up for a daring raid over the wall and into the North.

As we made our way through the pipe and into LXQ2-T our scout reported an Osprey that was seemingly idle at the gate. We all had the same thoughts, it must be bait right? Everybody keep an eye on d-scan. Our scout had point but the Osprey wasn't responding. We jumped in leaving a couple behind in case he jumped back through. We fully expected him to jump back through. He had to jump back through. I mean he couldn't really be afk could he?

He was afk. The Osprey was obliterated.


We didn't actually notice the cargohold properly until we had docked up for our first break. Much laughter and disbelief ensued. I'm still scratching my head over it.

Not long after the Osprey was removed a Tornado landed on grid. Unluckily for him he landed within tackle range of our Stiletto who was burning a tactical at the time. Talk about bad timing. We spiraled in whilst tracking disruptors made his guns somewhat redundant.

The Tornado was reduced to rubble by the incoming frigate storm.

In 8KE-YS we caught a Hurricane that jumped into us on gate. His attempts to burn back to the gate were unsuccessful.

Over in Geminate in the Q-TBHW system our Stiletto tackled a Drake that was on the station. Once he aggressed we jumped in and made our way over to the battlecruiser. Another killmail soon followed.

The capsule was also worthy of note.

After a short break in FDZ4-A we undocked to reports that a Cynabal was at a pounce on our outgate. Our Stiletto gave chase and landed the point. The chase was on and we managed to land the required scrams and the Cynabal was soon out of action.

During the roam we got called out in local as we chased a bunch of Tr 3 battlecruisers around.





You have to laugh at this mentality. These guys were bitching about our fleet comp all the time they're scrambling back to their station and pos to wait us out until we leave. Hmm, go figure.

The final killmail of the night was another Hurricane that engaged us on a gate. I had to warp out of this one in deep structure after taking some nasty hits early on. A close call!

The remainder of the roam was largely uneventful but we'd already had our fill and couldn't complain. We docked up safely in Placid without a single ship loss. A great roam. ZOMG Frigates suck!


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  1. Good stuff. My fave is the Drake kill. Dead Drake best Drake :)