23 Sep 2012

Frozen War

... published Sept 19, YC114, in the Metropolis based comm-newspaper Metro Tribune. Contemplating a region living in the shadow of the threat of rumoured all-out warfare in Molden Heath, Miura wrote:

"For forty or fifty moons past, local warlords and others in my council have been warning us that the Heath is in danger of destroying itself. Not with its own weapons and bloodshed, but with the boredom of apparent peacetime and the general quietness of a stable, yet stagnant region. Leaving the weapon-less ants or some other gregarious species of spacefarers to take over. Anyone who has seen the ruined planets of Oddelulf or the carnage of a violent evening of gatecamping on the Aedald gate will find this notion quite unthinkable. Nevertheless, looking at the Heath as a whole, the drift for many winters has been not towards anarchy but towards the re-imposition of a stable local government and trusted democracy. At least that is the view from those residing on the Teonusude side of the Bosena gate. 

Some feel that we may be heading for an epoch as horribly stable as the great empires of antiquity that lie South. Much has been discussed, but few people have yet considered its implications—that is, the kind of censored view, the kind of beliefs, and the social structure that would probably prevail in a region which was at once unconquerable. 

This is not what we want. There will be no peace in Molden Heath. Alien invaders will be butchered, scattered to the four winds ... corpses will be nailed to stargates and democrats will be burned stationside. Those that are already here will find a great machine rising out of the frozen black space. This Winter will be harsh. Blood will flow on the moons of Heild, and beyond.

I predict a long Winter and a permanent state of 'frozen war' within Molden Heath."

... In what appears to be a hostile act of aggression towards the general community of Molden Heath and its neighbours, it is not clear what if any reaction the flamboyant leader will be expecting from this article. These words are likely to be slammed by the general population. And yet, these words will be seen as a rallying call to those who seek their fame and fortune on the other side of the law.

Interesting times lie ahead for the residents of Molden Heath.

Miura Bull's office was unavailable for comment today.