11 Sep 2012

The Art of War

... or a short study on how the paintbrush is mightier than the sword.

'The Taking of Miura' by Caravaggio

The inaugural R1FTA and R1DER Art Exhibition is officially declared open. Those mighty warriors of space, the chosen few, what could spawn from the minds of the murderous? A creative waterfall of fine art is the answer. A deeply moving journey awaits you.

The theme for the first exhibit was portraits. Most pilots chose to offer themselves up in the form of a bunch of exquisite self-portraits, although some did opt to paint their fellow mates. The resultant artwork was nothing short of spectacular.

My own offering was a self-portrait. I took inspiration from Piero della Francesca's 1463 piece Resurrection 'as a sleeping soldier'. Although after working on the beautiful outline of a sleeping Miura Bull I deemed it worthy of the latter addition of my trademark black shades, thus rendering the sleeping element as somewhat redundant. However I felt strongly that the black shades were indeed needed and I felt justified that this added a sense of definition to the final piece.

'A Sleeping Bull' by Miura Bull ~ YC 114

The next offering in the exhibition is a quite wonderful piece by the renowned Caldari state Civire artist Duke Thunderhorse. His work on Judge Sarn is in a style of realism that only The Duke is capable of. A work of pure genius that tickles the senses and exposes the life and crimes of the subject piece.

Judge Sarn

'Judgement' by Duke Thunderhorse ~ YC 114

Next up.

A sublime self-portrait by the masterful Joe Struck. Joe acknowledges his admiration for other great artists and he admits to leaning heavily on the works of van Gogh for this piece. A beautiful self-portrait.

Joe Struck

Joe Struck by Joe Struck ~ YC 114

For our next piece in the exhibit we return to the prolific works of Duke Thunderhorse and his portrait of the murderous fiend Saftsuze. This particular work of art differs greatly from Duke's original offering on Judge Sarn, and showcases Duke's excellent skill in the genre of Surrealism.


'Mustache Wax is Flammable' by Duke Thunderhorse ~ YC 114

A new artist strides into the halls of the great with this next piece. A self-portrait by Tomba. Tomba leans heavily on the style of Frida Kahlo's, Self-Portrait, 1940. The use of the Rifter as a prop adding an exciting touch.


'The Rifter and Me' by Tomba ~ YC 114

Our next offering takes us rolling headlong into the works of Planetary Genocide who borrows heavily from the great Leonardo da Vinci, a style that PG pulls off with magnificent aplomb.

Planetary Genocide

'PG Lisa' by Planetary Genocide ~ YC 114

Nogusha is the artist who is next up. Nogusha's striking self-portrait is a wonderful attempt at fusing the styles of many of the greatest.


'Badda-Bing' by Nogusha ~ YC 114

Another by Duke Thunderhorse now. The sophisticated Lhorenzho and Overnauta appear in this piece that borrows from the great Michelangelo in style. Quite remarkable.

'Lhorenzho's Office' by Duke Thunderhorse ~ YC 114

Arianne Stone is next with her delightful self-portrait that borders on the edge of Modernism and grabs the viewer with a quirky style and attention to detail.

Arianne Stone

As a bit of background to this portrait, Arianne started life well. She was from a proud, noble, not to forget rich Caldari dynasty. She ran the family business ruthlessly until one day Concord came knocking....Arianne was accused of murder, the CEO of a rival corporation was dead, but with no way to prove her innocence she ran...vowing vengeance on the whole universe for running her out of her life of luxury. This picture was taken the morning after she joined a crew of like minded rebels and their welcome party. You can see the stunned look in her eyes as she realizes what kind of people she has allied with (or she might still be a little high).

'Morning After' by Arianne Stone ~ YC 114

Aliaksandre's deep and moody piece is next up with this excellent self-portrait that edges on 'a young Rembrandt', c. 1628. Exquisitely done.


Aliaksandre by Aliaksandre ~ YC 114

Brink Albosa's self-portrait is a wonderful addition to the exhibit. Brink is a keen fan of Expressionism, a style which echoes throughout his self-portrait.

Brink Albosa

Brink Albosa by Brink Albosa ~ YC 114

R1FTA pin-up girl Kooba Kaundur's self-portrait paints a striking image of the blood and thunder lifestyle of a R1FTA beauty queen with this sensational offering to the exhibit.

Kooba Kaundur

'Bloody Minds' by Kooba Kaundur ~ YC 114

Our final piece in the exhibition is an outstanding work of art by Peri Simone. Peri is one of the most famous and most prolific of self-portraitists, who has painted himself no fewer than thirty-seven times between YC 112 and YC 114. In all of these self-portraits one is struck that the gaze of the painter is seldom directed at us; even when it is a fixed gaze, he seems to look elsewhere. These paintings vary in intensity and colour and some portray the artist with bandages; representing the episode in which he severed one of his ears and lost an eye in an unfortunate smartbombing accident.

Peri Simone

'The Eye of Peri Simone' by Peri Simone ~ YC 114

The exhibition is running during the month of September in the Pator Tech School station, level 37 in Heild of the Molden Heath region. Be sure to pay it a visit.

I hope you enjoyed these works of fine art. We are particularly interested in critique views on the pieces and the artist's work and style. If you feel you have a burning desire to discuss these fabulous pieces or indeed wish to commission a piece for yourself, please leave a comment in the box below.



  1. Looking at Duke's masterpiece I now know who has been stealing my whiskey from my hanger. He will be dealt with and Judged for this.

    I may just have to shoot him in the leg......again.



  2. This is literally the best art gallery I have ever (or ever will) seen.

    I'm proud of us.

  3. xD this made my day, so much epicness in one post!