5 Jan 2012

A New Year (but please stop warping away)

Recently on our corp forums we have been talking about goals that we have set for the coming year as a corp and also for the individual. Obviously it mainly revolves around kills, kills and more kills. Everybody loves a good kill right?

Of course they do.

In general it looks like we've set some tough tasks, but ones that certainly are achievable if we all put the effort in. Recently we have been ending the month on something around the 700-800 mark as regards to total kills. Our target now for every month for this coming year is to break 1000 kills per month. I think we can do this, either way we'll have a good go at getting as close to it as possible. As a guide and reference point, if we look at an established group of killers like The Tuskers, they tend to hit approximately 1,300 kills each month, give or take a few hundred either way.

We've set some recruitment goals too. Recruitment is currently open for the month of January, after this we probably won't recruit much if at all during the year ahead, if you're some kind of pvp God or something we might let you in. We're hovering around the 100 member number right now so if you want in on the action then apply now for the R1FTA blob. In reality we rarely fly with more than 5 pilots in a gang, the majority of us being solo types, spread far and wide across many different regions.

Having said that, Molden Heath region is definitely our home now and most of our pilots do base out of the region. We've settled into a great community, one that I honestly don't think exists anywhere else in the game. We share good intel, comms, forums and some other things with some of the best guys in the game but we will also fight each other when we seek a good fight. You guys know who you are. Thanks for having us.

Most of the individual goals that were set involve climbing killboard ladders. Personally I'd like to break that top 1000 mark on battleclinic. I've been borderline a few hundred places short now for far too long. So all I would like to say to those above me is stop pvping for a bit please. Excellent.

Speaking of battleclinic. R1FTA have been in and around the top 30 for recent corp activity ranking for the last few months now. By the middle of December we were number 20 and I believe we are still at number 20. I still find it hard to believe a corp that started up again just over 7 months ago is the 20th best corp in the game according to killboard stats, but I guess the figures don't lie, regardless of what people think of the stats. A few of our members had never even played the game let alone knew how to pvp when they signed up. Sticking to the trend of difficult targets, as a corp we would like to be in the top 10 by the end of the year. Watch this space as they say, the corp full of rifter-flying-noobs is on the rise. Ha.

As a corp we have agreed to continue our philosophy of not really giving a flying ****. This to some may seem to contradict some of the goals we have set, you could argue against our claim to not care about killboard stats for example by my rambling above about, well, killboard stats. It is hard to explain to those who don't 'get us'. You see, the good killboard stats and high-ranking that we achieve are down to one thing--not really giving a damn. If you start to worry about killboard stats then you die a little in this game (in my opinion). If you go out there, shoot everything that moves and play with a smile on your face regardless of winning a fight or losing a fight then the rest will come good. Trust me, it is tried and tested.


I'd like to finish this post by giving a nod to part of the title of my post (the warping away bit). Just this last day I have been out in the belts looking for the good fights. The first fight involved me in a Wolf against a small gang I had spotted causing mischief in one of the asteroid belts. There were 3 rifters, an incursus and a maulus, 5 v 1. As I land on the gang it looks like a cat amongst the pigeons. Everybody panics and tries to warp away. I grab the incursus and kill it and then chase the others around the system until they eventually leave. I am fully confident that if that small gang had just stuck around and stayed calm and did all the right things they would have turned my Wolf to dust. Sure I'd have kicked and screamed until the end but yeah, stay and fight! Test your limits and don't be afraid to fight the flashy red in the belt.

Next up I decided to go roaming in a rifter, thinking maybe the Wolf spooks people too easily. I found an awesome fight with a punisher. We exchanged blows and eventually we were both hitting structure, cap is tight and I lose my point. It looks like the punisher is going to win as I have mods burnt out and I start to get that sinking feeling, but as soon as my point dropped the punisher warped off into the distance, voiding any killmail for either of us. Maybe I am from a different school of thought but I would never try and warp off in a tech 1 frigate in such a close fight. Stick around you never know how the fight will end!

In the same system after repairing the damage I loitered around a plex entrance and I spot a gang in system. A slicer, a rifter and a catalyst. I think what the hell, 3 v 1 and this gang by far and away has the advantage. Slicer lands on the gate 50k off of me and then burns towards me but just before any hostilities commence he warps away. His two mates join the action but they are way off and they too warp off. Puzzled by their tactics I give chase but again they leave the system. Really? I was in a rifter. My rifters are not invincible. Far from it.

In fact every ship I fly is already lost in my mind. Fly this way and you'll have a lot more fun and end up with more killmails.

End of rant.


Recruitment link. Recruitment open for January only!


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  1. Yeah I hear your frustration. I honestly can't understand what goes through the minds of the sorts of people that will run away even when they outnumber you 5-1. Like seriously, it's a video game ffs.

    Anyway, nice post and I'm really glad to hear about r1fta doing so well. Imho you guys are one of the coolest, most fun to fight and chat to corps in the game. I hope you guys stick around in Molden Heath for a long time to come :)