15 Jan 2012

Fight Night I

Joe Struck's fight night was on. The invites had been sent out and ships began rumbling towards Heild. Movement in the docking bays was frantic as crews scrambled to ready craft for the mayhem. The word had spread, tonight Heild would become a party venue.

As the clock ticked over to 21:00 the fight night was officially started. Afterburners whistled and popped in the hangars as ships made their way out of the station. Blasting off in warp around the system to ready themselves for the resultant carnage.

To kick off the carnival Joe Struck piloted a Mammoth industrial boat head first into a small group of frigates that had formed at a nearby planet, the result was predictable, with the cargo of goods emptied into space and free to looters.

After some initial cautious movements around the system it was reported back that a Rifter piloted by one of the Rebels, Nicholai Hel, had become the first frigate casualty of the evening, set upon by a Jaguar, a Nemesis and a Punisher it was never going to end well for him.

The next two hours were something of a blur with battles happening all over the system, 1v1's, group fights, free-for-alls, it was pure madness. On a personal level I lost a Rifter, another Rifter and a Firetail that landed in the middle of a ball of frigates at planet 1, tackling a Wolf was never a good idea in a ship with no tank to speak of.

On the kill front I had some interesting fights. I showed up on the killmail of Brink's Rifter after two Slicers cut it down shortly after I had fought him. After reshipping from that fight I jumped into a Wolf kitted out with a stasis webifier and parked myself on the entrance to the 2/10 plex. A Jaguar soon landed on me, I'm not sure if he was part of fight night but I made short work of his shields and the Jaguar quickly crumpled into a wreckage.

Shields regenerated from the Jaguar tussle it was then a Vengeance that tried to take on the mighty Wolf. The Wolf only just managing to grab the kill with few structure points remaining. A good fight indeed. Soon after this I whored onto another of Nicholai's Rifter losses before heading back to station for repairs.

After patching up the Wolf I was challenged by Kaeda to a duel, wanting to test out her ship against a Wolf. As I undocked and made warp for her position I wasn't sure of what I was actually going to be fighting. A Malediction was the answer. A good fight, Kaeda commenting that she couldn't quite manage to get under the guns of the Wolf, luckily for me.

I was docked in the station again making use of the repair facilities when it was announced that the devilish scamp Sard Caid had decided to warp in his Scorpion battleship into the party that was taking place over at planet 1. Planet 1 by now was littered with wrecks of every frigate variety and was looking very much like a salvage pilots dream scrapyard. Needless to say all the frigates set upon Sard with venom, after some of the plucky frigates were removed from the field via a fiendish assault of smartbomb warfare it was left to the rest of the pack to carefully remove the intrusive battleship from the field. Well played Sard Caid.

I then showed up on a Wolf killmail before it was time to prepare for the final event. The Fight Night Battle Royale Thunderdome that would kick off inside the 2/10 plex at 23:00.

All the frigates were assembled on the entry point. Joe gave the order to activate the acceleration gate and for battle to commence as soon as everybody landed. My Kestrel didn't have much of a chance from the start, taking some heavy blows from two angry Jaguars I decided to ungroup my weapons and try and shoot at as many ships as I could before I popped. I didn't get much of a chance to even do this as I exploded in a fire, the first frigate to be removed from the field and an early end to the Royale. I continued to watch the action unfold in my capsule. My initial plan for this frigate was to try and web the nano ships that I knew would be present, sadly I did not have the chance to put my plan into action.

For the next 25 minutes or so some twenty frigates were engaged in a bloodbowl of frigate duking, individual battles and all out brawling. We were now down to the final four. Kaeda Maxwell flying the R1FTA flag in her Vengeance, RANSM pilot's xxxAlloxxx in his Jaguar, CraftyCroc in his Stiletto and Arasul in his Imperial Navy Slicer.

Kaeda's Vengeance.

The Stiletto and Slicer danced around the field, Kaeda tanking the damage and xxxAlloxxx dishing it out. It was glorious to watch. CraftyCroc was the first to fall of the final four, his Stiletto putting up a brave show as it fell to the firepower left on the field.

Stiletto piloted by Gunpoint Diplomacy pilot CraftyCroc.

Three remained and Kaeda was next to give way, her Vengeance had served well but it was now game over and we were now down to our final two, the final dance had begun. Jaguar versus Navy Slicer.

Arasul's Slicer cuts through the field.

After what seemed like a stalemate was about to occur both the pilots slammed into each other at close range and went for the final blow. The final race to the finish line was won by xxxAlloxxx in his Jaguar, the Slicer finishing a gallant second place. A thrilling finale to an exciting evening.

Slicer and Jaguar dogfighting to the finish.

It was a fantastic evening of frigate combat. Thanks go out to Joe Struck for organising the event and thanks to everyone who came along and made the explosions happen. The picture below shows Heild as the number one system in EVE for kills during the entire evening. Quite an accomplishment!

click me
Here is a list of the prize winners for the evening.

Most Kills
Laktos (Prize - a set of navy faction frigates)
Ilik Tanikalot (Prize - Wolf)

Most Losses
Kaeda Maxwell (Prize - Jaguar)
four way tie for second
Laktos (No prize you won stuff already)
Fulgin Jet (Prize "Nightstalker" Combat Goggles)
Brink Albosa (Prize "Nightstalker" Combat Goggles)
Tao Icarus (Prize 100 Nanite Repair Paste)

First Kill
Xulgar (Wolf)

First Loss
Nicholai Hel (Jaguar)

Thunderdome Winner
xxxAlloxxx (Fitted Vagabond, courtesy of Lhorenzo)

Killing Sard Caid Award
Laktos (Tornado, courtesy of Korvus Falek)

Podded by Sard Awards
Tao Icarus (Prize Rifter)
Fulgin Jet (Prize Rifter)
Tomba (Prize Rifter)
Brink Albosa (Prize Rifter)

Now to get ready for Fight Night II.



  1. I would've come to this, but I was on the RvB rifter roam instead :p We fought agony in MHC, which is at the top of the nullsec systems on your screenshot :D

  2. Announce the next Fight Night.
    And maybe Broken Chains Alliance can add some pilots to the fray.

    1. lol BCA bunch anti pie nubs.. no ty