19 Jan 2012

Killmails I

The game of cat and mouse is nearly over as the Taranis kicks open the afterburners, 20k, closing, slam-bang-overdrive, full throttle, fast, scrammed. The Jaguar closes the ground, nosferatu primed, smiling and ready for the onslaught. Two scrams now. Webbed, going nowhere. Weapons overloaded, bullets screaming, blaster slugs in flight, smash! The Taranis is neuted. ECM drones block out the light for the Jaguar. The Vagabond fights for its life. Tables turned for a moment? Out of nowhere another lock lands like a grappling hook on the side of a cliff face. The frigates hold on to their prey.

Taranis & Jaguar v Vagabond

The Firetail points the enemy cruiser. Battlecruiser lands on grid. Harbinger. Stay focused. Eyes on the Arbitrator. Watching for drones. Waiting for the neutralizers to bleed us. The heroic tackle of the Firetail is too much, spiralling out of control, explosions. The gang remain in the belt, determined. Arbitrator down. The lumbering Harbinger struggles. The pack of frigates and lone cruiser dismantle the beast with relative ease.

Firetail, Rupture, Rifter, Jaguar, Taranis v ARBITRATOR, Harbinger

Firetail, Rupture, Rifter, Jaguar, Taranis v Arbitrator, HARBINGER

Bloodclaw light missiles rip at the stricken Cormorant. A routine journey through The Citadel about to be rudely over, remote repair support long since gone. A slingshot and the fight is over. A pleasant surprise in the cargohold vanishes into the murky soup of darkness around the stargate.

Crow v Cormorant

The small patrol of frigates tear into the cruiser. The glow of the distant star reflects and shimmers on the hulls as they go about their business with ruthless efficiency. Flashes of light like an ancient firework display and the short fight is over. The dust settles. Silence.

Jaguar, Rifter, Rifter, Rifter, Firetail v Rupture

A demonic Firetail smells blood. The strategic cruiser is no match for a pilot possessed. Working for the devil, knifes are out. Sharpened. The Firetail's orbit is tight. A spectacular sight as the Loki swings for his foe but misses like an old drunk bare knuckle champion. Fallen.

Flashbacks for the pilot. DARKSTAR POWNYOUALL scoops his loot and adds another strike next to the ship image -- Loki.

Firetail v Loki

Firetail v Loki

The Daredevil smells an easy kill. The Jaguar dances and then strikes. Daredevil panics, neuted. The fight rages. Jaguar is king. Perceptive. Hip. Street-fighter.

Jaguar v Daredevil

Interceptor and Interceptor. Gloves are off. Rockets fly, zipping like angry flies. Malediction. Menacing, sleek and black. The Claw is raw, all-out brutal. Autocannons clattering. Fight is close, both pilots need the nosferatu, the reppers are whistling, buckling, overheated.

Claw v Malediction

The Stiletto parades suggestively on the edge of the bubble. Slicer engages. The fight is on. Slicer hits hard, aggressive like a rabid dog, biting. Stiletto needs to pull a manoeuvre. A daring move, Slicer is closer. Overloaded scrambler and the brakes are slammed hard stuck. Up close and personal the Stiletto is superior. The Slicer crumbles.

Stiletto v Slicer


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  1. Keep up the great work rebels cant wait till i hit the space lanes again! Very nice loki kill i told all of u it can be done!

    -Zodiac Black