19 Dec 2011

pdf version The [R1FTA] School of Hard Knocks

I recently received some requests for a pdf version of the guide I recently created for bloodthirsty new pvp pilots. Whilst I'd love to say I got hard at it and produced the goods, sadly in reality I just didn't have the time to make this happen.


So imagine my surprise when a document lands on my desk from my corp mate Joe Struck!

The [R1FTA] School of Hard Knocks pdf

Thanks go out to Joe Struck for the time and effort he put into this. Looks good mate. Cheers.

Joe Struck. Head of [R1FTA] I.T Dept & part-time combat pilot.



  1. Can it be downloaded from that website? I can't seem to find a link...

  2. @ StevieTopSiders that's just a temporary home until I find a permanent host. I think it is read only. Or you could always just bookmark the link I guess.

    @ Joe Hehe. Just jesting to emphasise the point that you're a great graphics and design guy. :)

  3. Joe also did the graphics on the title component of my blog. Joe is a talented young man indeed!