12 Dec 2011

Like a Nebulae to the Face

I have been blindly running eve on the lowest graphics settings for some time now. I had forgotten entirely that my settings were on this rock bottom level of detail. So come the new patch day I wasn't really blown away by the new nebulae and engine trails, what engine trails? The nebulae all looked a bit samey and overall I thought it was all a bit meh.


I noticed this last night after looking through my settings. I immediately whacked all the settings to maximum (all the way to 11) and ticked all the effects boxes (GTX 550 Ti overclocked card ftw) and all I can say is WOW.

Completely blown away. The detail is sweet, the engine trails impressive.

Silly me.



  1. Yeah they are awesome! And you can run a couple of clients again without having a fire extinguisher beside the PC.

  2. If you drank more whiskey this would not happen. Just saying Boss.

    FD FR


  3. It sure is nice eh?

    Going on a roam in a bit... might even EVEN make it down to Metropolis this time (I usually die before I get there).