10 Dec 2011

16 Dramiels ....Conclusion.

This task was harder than I first imagined. So many Dramiels to lose that in the end I felt burnt out flying the damned things. I think I managed to lose two, one to a Hurricane (yeah that didn't go too well) and then I lost to an odd ECM Vengeance/Vigil combo. That fight in particular souring my taste for 'the fight' somewhat.

I snagged a handful of kills along the way but nothing too exciting. A not so troubling Rifter, another Rifter and a fallen Hookbill. Oh and a Jaguar too.

The most enjoyable moment of Dramiel flying during this period came when I was invited along on a Tusker Dramiel roam. Kicking off with a Slicer kill as we rumbled out of Hevrice on the way down to our null-sec target destination, what followed was hours of ship slaying, some comedy local moments in Fountain and an attempt by a rival fleet commander to infiltrate Tusker comms and goad out our self-induced log-off with some odd espionage techniques.

Taurean blogged about the roam in a little more detail here.

Some killmail highlights along the way included:

A gang which we encountered early on that was swiftly removed from space with ease.

A shiny low-slot Ishtar.

A Zealot.

And a Tengu.

Great fun. Thanks to Suleiman for the invite.

So I've now stripped the remaining Dramiels and put them to market, with certain modules repackaged and put to use on other ships or ready for shipment to trade hubs. All of my previous fits now obsolete. Which I'm glad about I must admit, I never really did get on with that ship. I much prefer killing them and then killing them some more.



  1. WTB red corp of reds. (Incidentally, were we the only non-Tuskers on that roam?)

  2. I was the pilot (Draimin) flying the "odd ECM' Vengeance. The Vigil was an interloper who was dispatched after you. I thought he may have been with you.

    I'm curious as to what soured you about "the fight"?