30 Sep 2011

The Solo Combat Pilot's Guide to Good Roaming #7

Hagilur Pocket

This low-sec pocket of space in the Metropolis region lies only 3 high-security jumps from the busy trade hub of Hek. A popular short-cut and smuggling run to to Jita lies behind the Thelan gate in Hagilur for those brave enough and wishing to risk the hazardous and often deathly run.

The pocket itself has a varied amount of pvp opportunities available to the solo and small gang combat pilot, from duelling frigates and ganking mission runners, to evading gatecamps and hijacking plex dwellers. A visit to the Hagilur pocket usually does not disappoint.

Hagilur 0.4

Hagilur, in the constellation of Barvigrard, is a traditional low-sec Minmatar mining and factory system that offers the visitor five working stations which all boast the latest facilities for tourists and broken spacecraft. It should be noted however that none of the stations in Hagilur offer a medical facility at the time of writing this guide.

The market is usually dictated by supply and demand and is rarely well stocked but for the basic ammunitions and equipment. The occasional reconditioned frigate or cruiser hull can be picked up from time to time, but these don't sell anywhere near as much as the local Spirits, the workforce in the area renowned for their thirst of the imported fire liquids.

Six asteroid belts that can attract brave mining crews seeking a quick cargohold and a next pay packet can often yield results for the discerning hunter killer, it is not uncommon to spot a newly registered mining barge or other modified hull performing this task in Hagilur. Planet 4 and planet 5 being the main clusters of activity as far as the rocks go. The asteroid belts can also be alive with frigate fighters, out looking for a good fight. Do be aware that bait tactics are sometimes used, with gank squads waiting behind the high-ecurity gate. But by all means, a good bait ship is a dead bait ship so chancing your arm shouldn't be turned away from.

The entry points from high-sec can sometimes be camped, the main campers in Hagilur are often set up to take down passing transport and industrial ships so a frigate hull should be able to pass relatively unscathed.

Numbers in Hagilur can vary, sometimes only a handful of pilots will be active, at busy periods it can peak to around the 30 number. This fluctuates as gangs move on, and a good stay in Hagilur should get you the fights you crave.

1v1 ?

Ragnarg 0.4

Moving into the dead-end system of Ragnarg, which offers five stations with basic repair facilities and little else in the way of creature comforts. The main attraction of this mostly quiet system other than the three asteroid belts is the Angel Cartel Creo-Corp Mining 2/10 plex, if somebody is in system here there is a good chance that he is running the plex or perhaps waiting on the gate looking for a fight. A Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm (1/10) also provides an avenue for combat, but this is a rarely visited site.

Hagilur 0.4

Doubling back on ourselves we blip our 360 degree scanner for targets as we cross warp the system onto our next gate.

Dudreda 0.3

A high ranking low-security Minmatar system that plays host to the Republic Military School and the Parliament Bureau amongst others in its six stations. Remarkably, 4 out of the 6 stations offer cloning services. As expected the other facilities on offer are of a high standard. The market is average in comparison to everything else on offer in Dudreda.

Nine asteroid belts provide the backdrop for hunting opportunities.

Hakisalki 0.2

Hakisalki is another system with high corporate military academies and presidential bureaus, three clone capable stations and great repair facilities. The main attraction here for the hunter is the 19 asteroid belts which will hopefully harbour your next fight.

Arwa 0.1

The deeper into the pocket we go the lower the security of the system, this makes for ideal ratting territory. Attracted by the spawns of battleship rats offering close to the bounties that are more common in null-security space, your next target is hopefully trying to crack one of the rats as you hunt him down and enjoy the feast of your find. It will be rare, but it does happen and those with the patience and cunning will often reap the results.

Arwa has 10 asteroid belts and a Ruined Minmatar Outpost, three stations offer only the very basic of facilities, and only one station - the Republic Fleet Assembly Plant at Moon 3 of Planet X offers a ship repair service.

Arifsdald 0.1

Again the main opportunity for combat as we move fast and further down towards the bottom rung of the pocket is the hope of finding a lone ratter. Arifsdald is a large system that has 20 asteroid belts to hunt in and its 4 stations offer a good mix of services, including one medical bay over at the Krusual tribe Bureau.

Ansen 0.1

Ansen lies at the bottom of the pocket and with only two very basic stations and only two asteroid belts it is usually quickly bypassed as we begin to head back up to Hagilur.

Krirald 0.2

Krirald is another parliament system, the services on offer are good and cloning is available at the Republic Parliament Bureau. 10 asteroid belts give the chance of finding a stray ratter a boost and the top belt is a stunning Glare Crust ice belt, sometimes mined by local starbase operators on the lookout for cheap fuel material. You never know when you might get lucky, although it must be said that these types are usually sharp when it comes to keeping an eye on local.

Republic Parliament Bureau - Krirald

Moving back towards Hagilur in the hope that targets have refreshed and new faces are in local we pass back through ....

Dudreda 0.3

and then we are back in Hagilur 0.4

This is a good little pocket to hunt in and  I would recommend the area as a good place to base a ship stash ready and loaded for combat. I more often than not find that Hagilur reaps the most in terms of combat but I will always do the pocket roam from time to time as you never know what you might find along the route. I regularly visit Ragnarg too to check local count and visit the 2/10.

Happy Hunting!



  1. Eagle Mk II's from Frontier Elite. Just saying.

    Also nice write up ;-)

  2. I've haven't flown in that area of space since my n00b days; one of the first skillbooks i bought was around there but thankfully nothing happened. This was on my first night :)

    Now that I'm bitterly vetted up I should revisit the place!

  3. Excellent post mate. You are quickly becoming the Fodor's of internet spaceship travel.

  4. Outdated. ;)

    Hagilur has become one of the most kill-rich low-sec systems (after Rancer, Ammamake, Old Man Star) and even Dudreda isn't far behind if you have an eye on dotlan or the in-game maps.

    This one needs an update.