1 Sep 2011

Bloody Noses and Bellicoses

The neighbouring high-security systems had been braced for invasion for a few days now, reports were circulating in the media of suicide squads of Thrashers operating in the area and seedy looking scout ships that lurk in the shadows of the asteroid belts. Relaying intel and picking out the next feast for the hungry maniacal gang that had been sighted over the last few weeks, their apparent disregard for the well being of their crews and ships clearly evident.

Fear had gripped the border systems and a group of approximately eight capsuleers and their crews were known to be present in the low-security system of Auner. Local security forces and sentry gun operators were placed on standby as capsuleer and crew activity in the docking bays of the Thukker Mix Factory was being reported.

One by one the Rebels undocked into space, their intentions as yet unclear. Dong, Kaeda, Judge, Lhorenzho, MB, Joe, Lao and Rocanegra rolled out off the docking ramp in uniform intervals, all blasting their warp engines in the same direction. Oddly the Rebels had ditched their usual nimble frigates and were showing up on directional radar as being in command of either a Bellicose or a Scythe. Weird. The gunnery crews stood down from their positions, much to their amusement.


This was the end scene of what had been an optional month of tomfoolery and experimentation for the Rebels, a competition of sorts culminating in one final in-house brawl - The Bellicose/Scythe Bash. The rules were simple, over the course of the month points would be awarded for kills made whilst piloting either the Bellicose or the Scythe class Minmatar cruiser hulls.

50 points for a kill in a Scythe.

25 points for a Bellicose.

The month ticked along and some interesting killmails appeared, as well as some lossmails too, which was absolutely expected and encouraged. But now the attention was fixed to a quiet safe spot in Auner where eight cruiser hulls more accustomed to a life of doddering around in asteroid fields were about to become entangled in a final thrust for points and glory.

Engines fizzed and popped as the Rebels sat idle in a stand-off before the hostilities began, a variety of weapon systems were seen charging and running heat ready for the start; lasers, autocannons, artillery, missile launchers and rockets were ready to unleash venom upon their foe.

The call was given and the fight was on, the sluggish cruisers sparking into life, shots echoed across the system, bullets ripped towards their targets, drones attacked and smoke began appearing from stricken hulls.

First down was Miura and his artillery clad Scythe oddball that had unwillingly chosen to land right next to three other kill-hungry Rebels, it was a quick death for the Rebel leader but one that was fully expected giving the banter that had been bandied around beforehand by the participants that had proclaimed the tag line 'Primary is Miura'.


Following Miura out of the action a minute later was Judge Sarn, unable to repel the damage that was battering on the door of his autocannon fitted armor Scythe it soon shattered into multiple pieces, spitting Judge's whiskey filled capsule into the arena.

A couple of minutes later the fight was really brewing into an epic battle, Lao Mah and her shield Bellicose succumbing to heavy firepower.

It was now time for another Scythe to join the list of casualties, Joe Struck and his autocannon clad cruiser buckling under the strain of incoming damage from all corners


Now down to the final four - three Bellicose hulls and a Scythe remained on the field. Some four minutes passed before the next explosion. Rocanegra's shield buffer Bellicose turning into wreckage and it was now down to the final three.


Kaeda, Lhorenzho and Dong were the remaining pilots, the Rebel intercom systems were alive with chatter as this live fire exercise hotted up and shouts of ECM filled hatred filled the airwaves. Lhorenzho's Bellicose was now doomed and exploded in a bright orange light show as armor plating ripped through the remaining structure of the ship.


It was now down to Kaeda Maxwell in her Bellicose and Dong in his Scythe. Dong was unable to do much as he was being kited by the Bellicose and was also jammed out of the fight, his only lifeline being his tank that was proving to be very stubborn, however, nearly twenty minutes after the brawl had started it was now over - Dong's impressive looking Scythe crumpled under the weight of one final wrecking blow and the winner of the brawl was declared. A quick glance at the killmail revealing the mighty Scythe had taken a heavy battering with 35,293 registered damage points taken.

Kaeda Maxwell basked in the glory of her victory, light-hearted whistles and jeers could be heard on the comms system as she looted the field. Dong Orson making a promise that her pod was fair game at some undistinguished point in the future, turns out he doesn't like ECM that much.

The winning fit.

[Bellicose, Kiting Faggotry Bellicose]

Damage Control II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II

ECM – Phase Inverter II
ECM – Phase Inverter II
ECM – Phase Inverter II
Y-T8 Overcharged Hydrocarbon I Microwarpdrive

720mm Gallium I Cannon, Republic Fleet Depleted Uranium M
720mm Gallium I Cannon, Republic Fleet Depleted Uranium M
720mm Gallium I Cannon, Republic Fleet Depleted Uranium M
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Gremlin Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Gremlin Rocket

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Ionic Field Projector I

Hobgoblin SD-300 x4
Hornet EC-300 x4

It was a great battle and a thoroughly enjoyable event. Afterwards we tried to suicide gank a Hulk with a bunch of Scythe hulls but sadly it didn't quite go pop, a few slithers of hull remained as the last Rebel cruiser succumbed to CONCORD's wrath.

Overall, after Black Rebel Command had finished totting up the kill count and points tally it was Kooba Kaundur who emerged as the winner of the competition. Kooba had taken to the art of baiting with her Scythe hull to the extreme with a flurry of killmails and even had the luxury of missing the final event and still beating off the competition. Well done Kooba. Second place was Kaeda Maxwell and there was a tie for third between Dong Orson and Lao Mah.

Prizes were contracted to the winners and the Rebels went off to raid Judge's whiskey stash.

Thanks to all who took part.



  1. Sounds like i missed alot of fun!! ill be back soon rebels!


  2. Zodiac you are missing out on all the fun brother! There are ships to pop and whiskey to guzzle and babes to grope!!!

  3. Thank you for organizing a great event! And you're missed too Zod ;-)

  4. I have a rather nasty 1v1 Scythe in my hangar, pain to fit but the single scythe vs scythe battle I had with it was most rewarding :D

  5. Must remember to watch out for a Scythe lurking on scan in Gusandall :)