1 Sep 2011

R1FTA Blog Pack

It seems that the Black Rebel Rifter Club has attracted its fair share of bloggers, and whilst I did try to keep up with them all with a tab to the side of the page it has now become that long a list that it became too much to keep track of!

It's a good job then that fellow Rebel pilot Gul'gotha Derv'ash has catalogued all the Black Rebel blogs in a google reader pack, well worth subscribing to, if I do say so myself.

>>>>> subscribe here <<<<<



1 comment:

  1. a great read. I recently re-subbed, learning eve again, working on PvE in high sec on my main and sorting some alts up to support him. However R1FTA sounds so much fun that I'm about to create a new account, have a plan focussed on Rfiter hulls, and will be looking to join once I've got my preliminary training out of the way :)