6 May 2011

The Solo Combat Pilot's Guide to Good Roaming #5

Heydieles to Ishomilken

Heydieles 0.3

Can be a busy system as it is usually used as a starting point for various gangs who set out to roam the murky space lanes that lead to Black Rise and beyond. There are five asteroid belts to explore, all relatively close together. Spend a little time loitering in the belts and you're sure to find a fight in here.

The two stations in Heydieles are owned by Duvolle Laboratories, a Gallente aligned corporation that produces hi-tech weaponry, nano-robots and cloning equipment. The factory and warehouse stations both offer cloning and repair facilities. The market is pretty good, feeding the local faction warfare needs.

Abune 0.3

The Gallente system of Abune, bathed in the glorious red glow from its giant star, has no stations or outposts but is a busy gateway to the Black Rise region. Small in size, with all of the system in scan range to cross-system warpers, loitering in one of its five asteroid belts should again grab the attention of anybody interested in a duel.

Oinasiken 0.2

Welcome to Black Rise. Although the first system of this Guristas loyal region is far from welcoming, no docking facilities for the traveller means this system is usually quickly bypassed as those traversing its gaseous skies head onto their next stargate.

(A Short History of Black Rise)

For centuries, this volume of space remained inexplicably impenetrable to investigation. It possesses no apparent mass or dimension, but the abrupt disappearance of every expedition into the zone made it an effective bulwark against flanking attacks during the first Gallente-Caldari war, and the subsequent uneasy peace.

Several decades ago, a coalition of like-minded Caldari megacorps discovered ways to traverse Black Rise safely, and began a secret programme of colonization. The start of the Empyrean War forced them to show their hand, and the region soon became a key front in the conflict between Caldari and Gallente forces.

Today the region remains somewhat underdeveloped, but rich in raw materials. The poorly-understood phenomena that still manifest can make life awkward, but fluid router networks and jump travel permit unrestricted travel and communications. Of the many early expeditions, though, no trace has yet been found.

Six asteroid belts for you to explore, should you wish to test your mettle against the local Guristas pirates and flag those who are crossing the system.

Pynekastoh 0.2

Entering this system we are greeted by an angry looking plasma planet, its constant electric storms an interesting sight for the passing space farer. Unfortunately there is little else of interest in the system, with only two asteroid fields and no stations, Pynekastoh lives up to and enhances the Black Rise philosophy of emptiness and fear, although it is an important junction system.

Sheltering under a tree not advisable.

Rakapas 0.2

The State Protectorate Logistic Support and Home Guard Assembly Plant are welcome sights for those seeking rest and repairs. Cloning and repair facilities are available and the market is more often than not well stocked with ships, spare equipment and munitions.

Two asteroid belts occupy the system, but the main source of a fight might be found in one of the many military installations that are usually present in system.

Reitsato 0.2

Another no frills station-less system, Reitsato has 17 asteroid belts, one of which is an ice belt, its white glaze and glare crust attracting miners from miles around. Or so you hope for on your visit.

Okkamon 0.3

Boasting 19 asteroid belts and two Caldari controlled stations, Okkamon is a strong system that nears the Citadel border region. Repair facilities are available and the market can sometimes be relied upon for the basics.

Mushikegi 0.4

Four asteroid belts and not bucking any trends - no outpost in the last of our Black Rise systems, we find ourselves firmly fixed on the regional out-gate to the Citadel region.

Manjonakko 0.3

The Citadel

Acting as both an ideological fort as well as a physical impediment to invasion, the Citadel is among the most well fortified regions in the cluster. Despite their penchant for squabbling and competing with each other, nearly every Caldari corporation keeps a presence here, all working together to diligently defend their home. After having been ejected from one homeland, the Caldari are not about to suffer such a fate again. The Citadel stands as proud testament to that resolve.

Manjonakko has nine asteroid belts to pay a visit and hopefully pick up the attention of passing visitors to the system's Corporate Police Force Testing Facilities, which offers the traveller a repair facility but little else.

Uuna 0.4

The system of Uuna is a high-traffic system, has seven asteroid belts and has two stations - the Mercantile Club Academy - The Mercantile Club has grown from being a simple gentleman's club into a full fledged political entity, such are the peculiarities of the Caldari governmental apparatus. The Mercantile Club is a meeting place for diplomats, business men, CEOs and politicians to make deals and discuss matters of the state. And the Chief Executive Panel Bureau, both of which offer good services including ship repair and medical clones.

Ishomilken 0.4


Ishomilken has a long history in New Eden's pirate lore, it has been and still is home to many a pirate corporation. It is easy to see why such cutthroats are attracted to the system; six well stocked stations with all the services needed including cloning and repair facilities, 17 mineral-rich asteroid belts and a neighbouring high-sec system, not to mention that the system is an excellent base for roaming further afield and into the North. Ishomilken is an excellent place to visit and look for a fight in the system and nearby clusters.

The market is usually average, with some ammunitions and drones available but from experience, not enough goods to fit your own ship from scratch.


Happy hunting!



  1. Yey! Another solo roaming guide to help the truly lazy. That's me!!

    Thanks for putting up the work for us space hobos :)

  2. I've never been in that area of space... I think I'll go lose a few ships there before my time runs out :)

  3. Ooooo very helpful! I think I may be packing up for some exploration soon. This was really well written too; nice job.

  4. Black Rise represent, yo! (Please don't let me say that again, ever.) I'm a little surprised to see a guide to my stomping grounds up here, but it's definitely a pleasure to read.

    Just thought I'd put in a couple of extra bits for anyone interested in spending time in the area. First and foremost, expect blobs - the entire area between Heydieles and Reitsato is a pipe for the factional warfare gangs, the Gallente being based out of Heyd and the Caldari mostly in Enaluri, three jumps off Pynekastoh (in the other direction from the guide). There are also Caldari FW presences in Rakapas and Asakai (a jump off Mushikegi), but the Asakai group can be fairly inclined to a fight, and there are often Russians in the system due to it actually having a station.

    Other points of interest: Tama, one of the lowsec hotspots of Caldari space, is located three jumps off the earlier portion of the pipe (go from Oinasiken to Nisuwa, then Kedama). As usual, warp to the top belt and wait and you should find something. (Check local for FW first though, since it's occasionally camped by both sides.)

    Logistics-wise, the market hubs in the area are mostly dominated by Heydieles' bottom station on the Essence/Gallente side and Enaluri's top station on the Caldari side (also the home of several Caldari FW corps). If you're able to go into highsec, you might also try Villore (0.5 system two jumps from Heydieles) or Ichoriya (5 jumps from Mushikegi, Ichoriya itself is 0.6 but one of the systems en route, Samanuni, is 0.7). If you're brave and have the sec status to do it, Jita is actually only four jumps from Tama - the entry system into highsec is 0.8 security and at least one system en route is 1.0, though, so take care not to get shot by CONCORD.

    Last but not least, if you're roaming through Black Rise, end up in Heydieles and are looking for more, Old Man Star and the pipe through Gallente lowsec are only a jump away. I think some guy wrote a guide on the area between OMS and Ouelletta, but I can't think of where it might be... :P