21 May 2011

Beat The Devil's Tattoo

Things are looking good for Chapter II in the history of the Black Rebels and we've not even placed an official advert yet. A small number of pilots are asking about membership and what the corp will have to offer, which is positive. I'm also pleased that one of my good friends in-game has accepted a directorship role and will be joining shortly along with his corp mate. I look forward immensely to working with both.

So what will the corp have to offer?

As a small band of predominantly frigate flying combat pilots we offer you a home in New Eden where you can enjoy your play style with no political restraints, no blues and no strict rules. What we offer is camaraderie and friendship.

Each pilot will be encouraged to play the game how they wish and where they wish. Whether that is as a -10 pirate patrolling the low-sec space lanes, taking part in high-sec harassment and small scale mercenary work, roaming the lawless null-sec regions or spending their time hunting in wormholes - every play style will be catered for and each member will be free to choose what activities they wish to be a part of.

There will be no skillpoint limit and I for one am particularly keen to hear from potential recruits who are maybe new to pvp, have decided the Rifter is a cool ship to learn in and want to try frigate combat first hand. We can help with sharpening skills and teeth should this be the case.

But you don't want to spend all day in a Rifter? Right?

That's cool. Neither do I. The Rifter is a fantastic little ship and although we will have fun roaming and fighting in this trick hull we'll also have a strong taste for other variants. Our pilots will be proficient at flying any race of ship they like. Interceptors, Assault Frigates, Recons, Bombers, Heavy Assault Ships right through to Battlecruiser and Battleship hulls - all will be at our disposal.

All pilots will have a solo edge to them, communications facilities will be available for when a gang is formed but pilots won't be expected to 'be on comms at all times' - if at all should they wish. Heck we all have RL duties and I for one enjoy roaming to a soundtrack.

I didn't actually start this blog post with the intention of turning it into a recruitment spiel but seeing as I now have I would welcome anybody interested in joining to contact me in-game or hang out for a chat in our public channel The Autocannon.


Above I mentioned roaming to a soundtrack. Well last night I loaded up a trusty Wolf and set my navigation systems to Great Wildlands.

After a few weeks of no luck on the kill count I was just a few jumps into my roam when I jump into my next system and notice a Sabre cloak up on the gate some 10 clicks off of me. Just as this happened the next track on my in-flight entertainment system strikes up and I prime myself for combat - holding cloak ready for battle. The words of the music send a tingle up my spine .....

You have forsaken all the love you’ve taken
Sleeping on a razor there’s nowhere left to fall
Your body’s aching every bone is breaking
Nothing seems to shake it it just keeps holding on

I drop my cloak and begin to burn back towards the gate, the Sabre now appears on my overview and drops his bubble. My autocannons fizz, pop and whistle as they begin to spit fury at the shields of the Interdictor as my Wolf now makes a turn for its foe. The 200mm autocannons of my enemy rip my shields away in an instant and I'm left with a race to break the Sabre before my own buffer is depleted.

26% armor left.

Then in a flash the Sabre is no more. As soon as the shields were breached the rest of the ship folded in on itself leaving a glowing hot wreck. The escape capsule of the pilot sitting trapped in his own bubble is quickly locked and then slain. No mercy is shown for those that wish to tangle with the beast that is the Wolf.



  1. Glad to see you decided to open up recruitment as I'd already sent a pilot your way. Good luck with R1FTA and nice job on the Sabre.

  2. Glad to see someone is continuing my Sabre pilot re-education programme.

    Good luck with R1FTA!

  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    I guess somebody has to take up the mantle seeing as you're enjoying your tropical planet break.