19 May 2011

Rubbing out the Bad Guy

The last few weeks have been full of change and this is a brief summary of what has happened and the outlining of future plans, hopefully it's not too boring a read and if I'm totally honest I'm mainly writing this for my own reference.

So you can stop reading now if you like.

Still here? Ha.

A few weeks ago I decided to leave Gunpoint Diplomacy and head back into null-sec and rejoin -A-. I had been sensing there was some unfinished business out there after my last stint in the lawless lands. It was with a heavy heart that I left behind some awesome people, I didn't really tell anybody in advance as I was blinkered with what I wanted to do. I'd like to thank all the RANSM peeps for being fantastic corp mates and genuinely nice people during my stay.

I missed the roaming gangs of null and had hoped that going back to -A- would spark some pretty epic gangs, in reality I didn't go on a single roam or bag one single kill. Bad timing in parts and lots of CTA's didn't help matters. I fitted up a few battleships in preparation for the CTA fleets but when I looked at the fit in detail and with my limited skill in battleships I often found myself deciding not to take part for the fear of a pretty lame looking loss mail. I wouldn't have minded losing a pimped Cynabal whilst roaming but the thought of a Tempest with tech I guns scared me somewhat. I just didn't feel comfortable.

So what did I do out there? Well, I went on a bookmarking roam which was pretty epic. Did I just say that? Well I mapped out some nice routes that I hope to run on my own in the near future. Bookmarks are cool. I spun my ships some more in some nice surroundings and I read the -A- forums in quite some detail, it was an interesting read for sure.

Then one day I decided to hop into a Vagabond load up the cargo with ammo and do a bit of ratting. The result some 24 hours later was a fatter wallet and I went from -10 to -1.8 in one day. I think that's quite impressive going, I don't know what the going rate is for ratting up sec status but I can tell you this - I don't want to see a damned Sansha rat for some time thanks. My eyes were nearly bleeding when I logged off after that session.

The future.

I'm back in my project corp - Black Rebel Rifter Club - and I plan to stay put in here now playing the game how I want and when I want, flying what I want and where I want. I am unsure at the moment whether or not to open up recruitment again. The last time I ran R1FTA (cool ticker huh?) we had 7 or 8 members and for the short time it was active it was great fun. I'm certainly now in a better position than back when I was a n00b and I have some great ideas for the corp but I need to find the willpower to push them into reality.

I'd need to recruit four or five members to form a strong directorship but I understand that those people I'd like to ask (they probably know who they are) are otherwise engaged right now with other duties, off having fun elsewhere or probably not interested in the project or indeed institutionalized in the world of starter corps.

Hehe - all that is cool of course but if anybody is interested in my project then please get in touch and we'll talk small gang pvp, the art of solo combat, rifter hulls and fittings, narcotics and boosters, wormhole ganks, high-sec harassment, null-sec roams, black ops drops and other nice things. Oh I best stop now I'm exciting myself and sounding like a whiny recruiter. I also said this was going to be brief so best cut it short.

Oh yes, that -1.8 security status will be part of an upcoming blog feature I have planned. I've got to reverse fix my security status and I'll be documenting every single drop in sec as I go about ripping up the space lanes and restoring my -10 badge. First I'd like to have a little peek around the high-sec neighbourhood and roam the null-sec regions before I do - I must have literally hundreds upon hundreds of fitted ships dotted around the place that I really should start trying to lose.

See you in space.


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