31 May 2011

Black Jackets and Chain Whips

Spare drive chain parts from the Rifter's deadly autocannons have been known to be stripped down and used as 'belts' on the Rebels' clothing . . . Always at hand when a bar fight turns ugly. - - Gallente Police Training Manual.

Kicking for a fight?

In some circles the Black Rebels have become known as the Black Jackets, the term most probably coined by the local civilian populations who have to put up with their unwashed ways and bad habits. Their uniform or 'colours' as they like to call it usually consists an all black style; heavy black boots, black or similarly dark coloured combat pants, an unwashed dirty looking sleeveless denim shirt or vest underneath a black jacket - usually a flight jacket or similar, leather is always popular. Their emblem is always visible somewhere on their jackets. An embroidered patch of a winged beast on a white circle.

R1FTA club emblem.

In addition, members have been observed wearing various types of loyalist Minmatar insignia and anti-Amarrian garb. Some of the members also have a strong liking for tribal tattoos and piercings, whether just an earring in a single pierced lobe or a full face metal stud show adorned on black tribal artwork. Menacing to face in the flesh for the average civilian.

We get treated real good here, man. Most other outposts we get thrown out of town. - Black Rebel member Tomba, speaking to a reporter not many hours before the Rebels were 'thrown out of town'.

Saftsuze, a Gallente born outlaw with dark hair and a striking ice-cold look about him, self proclaimed King of the Moustache and collector of frozen corpses is one of the Rebel leaders. He prides himself on the way he goes about his business stalking the low-sec asteroid fields and space lanes.


Reports were filtering through of a Hulk crew that had been lost on a dangerous mining operation in what they thought was their 'safe system'. Saftsuze had spotted the barge and needed no invitation to commence hostilities. Later that day in a station not too far from the original incident, some of the surviving crew members from the Hulk were awaiting rescue, milling around the station facilities looking bored and with their CEO in tow. Perhaps it was bad timing when at this same station some of the Rebels, Saftsuze included headed to their local haunt to shoot some beers.

Surprisingly, nothing happened in this encounter, the Rebels who were present enjoyed their beers and the Hulk crew left the scene not long after. 'When you walk into a place where people can see you, and you know they're looking, as if mesmerised by your presence, you want to look as repulsive and repugnant as possible,' said Saftsuze. 'We are complete social outcasts - outsiders against society. That's the way we want to be. Anything good, we laugh at. We're bastards to the world and they're the same to us, we expect that.'

Another Rebel, known to the gang as Overnauta, a menacing man of Caldari blood, shaved head and often seen wearing trademark black shades joined in the conversation. 'I don't care one jolt if people think we are bad. I think this is what keeps us going, pushes us on and keeps us on the edge. We fight society and society fights us.'


There are very few Rebels who won't go far out of their way to lay a bad hit on a civilian or some other punk from another crew - preferably to the extent of unbalancing their metabolism and causing them to shriek in their sleep for a few days afterwards - but there is also a certain amount of humour involved. But not everybody digs the Rebels' sense of humour .... which ranges from silly little jokes about the Amarr to the quiet giggling at the sight of a man's face torn to shreds with a broken beer bottle.



  1. I was getting me a pair of used, heavy black boots (5.00isk) and a fake Moustache (1.00isk) to look just like Saftsuze.
    I also linger in your regional bars in one of those slightly rapist poses, in copied, scratched sunglasses (0.99isk) fabricated against copyright in the region Chienina.
    With that look on my face, that you can only get from a broken beer bottle slicing up your face a few years back, skilfully operated by a 6 year old girl.

    You, the RIFTAH club and I,
    we cool now or what?

  2. Panthe Tek ..... You da man! :)

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