31 Mar 2011

One Year Old N00b

So I hit the big numero uno on 1st April (no joke, heh, see what I did there?). All I can say is wow, hasn't it gone fast? I am happy with how the year has panned out, it has been a fantastic journey so far and a nice, at times steady, sometimes jolting-crashing-sharp learning curve.

I am a big kid now.

My time in The Hull Miners Union was the first time I'd been part of something big, a proper corporation and as part of Random-Violence alliance I am proud to say I was a piece of 't3h blob*' that steam-rolled Syndicate flat, resulting in, ultimately the disbanding of the alliance as pilots searched for new targets and new parts of space to wield their axes, each corporation in the alliance wanting to explore a different avenue.

* Even though Random-Violence had a reputation for blob tactics, unfairly I might add. I found most of my time in R-V was spent exploring the vast swathes of null-sec systems either solo or in small nano-gangs. I had a lot of fun out roaming null-sec, sharpening my teeth in the process.

I then left The Hull Miners to join up with a few friends in Gunpoint Diplomacy. Wensley and Raxip the main instigators in the recruitment heist. At the time we were just a handful of people, but now the corp has grown at a steady pace and I'm really enjoying the way things are going. Good gang action in and around Molden Heath should I wish, or on the road doing my solo thing whenever that takes my fancy. All in all I am now a part of a great corp with some pretty cool guys (and girls, hello Ariartus and Dian). Who'd have thought one year in the game I'd be a director of a corp. Heh. I would also like to say I think in Sard Caid we have the best CEO ever. Free ships, free mods, free everything, free cat gifs, free Thrashers - hehe.

So what next? Well I am going to be moving on and ratting up my security status and turning over a new leaf on the other side of EVE. I hope to be a reformed pirate and do much more on the PVE side of things, I want to experience high-sec in all its glory . . . .


I did a joke - derp.

As things stand I'm extremely happy being a RANSM pilot, I'll keep flying the Rifter and Jag, Wolf sometimes. I'll reluctantly jump into a battlecruiser when needed and I'm planning on finally getting into a Vagabond. I also keep meaning to fire up fraps and make my video, but I keep forgetting - such is life. Also, I have more Roaming Guides to finish off, I have another 18 or so roams half penned/planned, I just need to find time to polish them up a little and actually run through the roams in real time. Stay tuned.

Right, I'm actually boring myself now. I just felt I had to do the obligatory landmark posting.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Happy birthday to you :) we need a drunken robot roam to celebrate \o/

  2. Happy Eve Birthday, mate. Little something in the post.

  3. You fucking troll. Loooove yoooooooooou. Thanks for the props, bro.

  4. Congratulations!
    Also you're a director? How did that happen? Slept with the CEO?!?

  5. Thanks people :)

    Well, when I say director I meant director in the role sense and that's about it I think. Sard is the BOSS MAN and it is his corp, we're just all good friends who have known each other a long time in some cases in and out of game I believe. Apart from Avan maybe who accidentally robbed the corp hangar but hey. Lol.

    /me waits for the Molden Heath postman to arrive :)

  6. Aaaw are you waiting for the postman to bring you a pacifier? :D
    Congrats on your first birthday dude!