21 Mar 2011

Two Fights To Redemption (and the Unwanted Death of a Wolf)

The Imperial Navy Slicer was on its knees, the Wolf circling its prey ready to pounce for that final blow, blood frothing from the mouth, teeth sharpened and the glint of victory in the eyes of the howling beast.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted another ship dropping out of warp and settling at a comfortable distance away from the frenzied dogfight that was taking place on the ancient acceleration gate. A Guardian. Fuck.

Like a Cosmic Necromancer casting his healing glow across the void of space, the Guardian was now illuminated to me in magnificent blood red and the Slicer had his full quota of armor points replenished as if by magic. To make matters worse, in the initial confusion of something else entering the killing fields I had taken my eye off the heat flow to my top turret and it went bang, closely followed by my other guns as the surge of heat quickly shut down the overloaded autocannons. The once magnificent beast was now limp, injured and desperate for escape, one rocket launcher shooting tamely at the now seemingly invincible Slicer.

Miura Bull's Wolf

There was no way out, with microwarpdrive shut down the Wolf was in effect trapped, maimed and ready to accept a slow and painful death. It was slow and indeed painful, I even had time to initiate conversation with my enemy as I mocked the woeful incoming dps I was returned with my foe remarking that it was okay as he had plenty of time.

As my ship finally succumbed to the inevitable I warped out my capsule and docked up feeling somewhat disappointed that I had been defeated in such a manner. It was the second time in only a couple of days that I had been brought to sword by player and alt. At the same time I also felt a kind of pride and belief that it took this method to slay me. I am also now confident that my Wolf can kill a Slicer, head to head and in a cage.

Anyway, it was time to take a breather and regain my thoughts and composure.

Later on I decided to take out a Rifter and go see if I could find any real fights and I'm glad to say that I did, over the next few days I managed to find a proper Rifter v Rifter dual, in which I escaped with half my structure points remaining, that was a close one! I really enjoyed this fight and I wish that I could find more fights like this, it was pure unadulterated adrenaline fuelled frigate fighting at its dirtiest and best and was over in 30 seconds but my God it was good.

If anybody wants to have a pre-arranged Rifter fight for the benefits of this blog then do please message me in game. I'm game if you are.

Then, just today I stumbled upon an Enyo that was lurking in Isenan solar system. I warped in at range and initial intel reports were correct, the pilot was who I had suspected him to be, an 05 pilot. This would be a tough nut to crack but I was willing to give it a go and as I approached he made no effort to escape the field and the fight was on!

And then a short while later it was over. An excellent fight.

At one point I had totally capped out after some much needed armor repair work. I also had trouble disposing of the Hobgoblin II that was tearing into me. But, eventually the Enyo died and I was happy to warp off in deep structure. As the fight was nearing an end a Brutix appeared on the field but luckily it was initially some 70km off of the action. I managed to warp out to the sun just as the Enyo exploded and the Brutix started to engage me. Landing on the sun I was surprised to see the Enyo pilot's capsule land right next to me. I waved and slaughtered the pilot for the love of the security hit! Yarr.



  1. Sick Enyo kill, good sir. I am impress.

  2. Dang, I envy you for that Enyo kill!

    I want my enemies to "what what in your butt" themselves too with loading Void S in a melee fight. Not to say you wouldn't have taken him anyway.

    PS: Arranged Rifter 1v1's near Amamake anytime, for the blog or not, I'm totally game.