1 Mar 2011

The Solo Combat Pilot's Guide to Good Roaming #3

Next up in my series of roaming guides we will be concentrating on a pocket of 'sheltered low-sec systems', by this I mean you will need to traverse high-security space in order to reach your target destinations - no matter which entry point you decide to take. Jumping between the systems will also require some degree of high-sec manoeuvring, thus the recommended ship hull will once again be something light and fast, preferably a frigate hull or nano-cruiser.

The Vieres-Arand Creek

An old Gallente Federation smuggling run situated off the main pipe in the Essence region, this mixed bunch of systems set in the two constellations of Vieres and Arand is an excellent hunting ground for the seasoned veteran and the budding combat pilot. The old run itself would start in the high-security system of Droselory and end in the safety of Arant, where goods would be then shipped off to the markets in nearby Villore, Orvolle and further afield.

Your playground this evening, sir.

Jumping in from Droselory your first sytem will be . . .

System 1 - Atlulle 0.4

Atlulle is quite a large system consisting of 22 belts spread over four clusters, the most populated cluster being the IX cluster which contains fifteen individual asteroid belts. Over in the XI cluster there is an ice field that can attract the occasional opportunist backwater mining vessel, I like to warp to this (bottom) belt first off in the hope that I can catch anything that happens to be loitering there.

Hulk on scan? Maybe, just maybe.

Due to its proximity to two high-sec systems, this system is ideal at off-peak periods for ratting, keep your eyes open on the D-Scanner for those unnamed Destroyers, Cruisers and sometimes even Battlecruisers that can often be found causing trouble for the local Serpentis population. I've even come across mining Battleship hulls in the area.

Also worth checking out is the Natural Phenomena that is located in the system, as the local lore tells that whilst often dangerous, these places attract frequent research expeditions, your next fight might just be examining the local gas content. 

Atlulle has four stations, they offer up all the usual services that you would expect of a backwater Gallente low-sec system, including a medical facility over at the Ishukone Corporation Factory.

The local market is fairly basic, mainly consisting of items that have been looted and salvaged from the wrecks of broken Serpentis fighters and from ambushed starships once belonging to the lost souls of now dead crewmen.

System 2 - Isenan 0.3

There are 28 asteroid belts to explore in Isenan, a dead end low-sec system that has been the retreat for various corporations, criminal entities and even some mining conglomerates over the years. At the moment it seems to be quite derelict, although on occasion it has been frequented by ratters and miners who seek the opportunity of bounties and ore in its relative safe environment.

If there are locals out in the belts then the best bet is to 'rush' the clusters and hope they didn't notice the local spike. I have found various success in here but at the same time, those who do earn their living out here tend to err on the side of caution when threats appear.

This is you to the local populace.

There are seven stations in Isenan, mainly mining outposts and travellers rests, the only service not available is any sort of medical facility and also, as expected, the market is generally poor.

Moving back to Atlulle we then make a jump through the high-security system of . . .

Allebin 0.5

The next system after blasting through Allebin is another dead end system . . .

System 3 - Haine 0.4

Haine is another system that is highly attractive to ratters and miners, whilst it does not boast as many asteroid belts as the previous systems we visited, the high-sec border system offers a greater degree of safety for the discerning belt-ratter. A quick check on the Dotlan maps for npc kills should give you an indication of whether you will get a hit in Haine. If there is little activity it might be as well to give it a miss completely, should you wish.

The three stations offer all the creature comforts but again the market is to be considered poor.

After your quick visit to Haine it is time to trace back through Allebin 0.5 and onto the next low-sec system.

System 4 - Parts 0.4

This is where the roam should really come alive, this system and the next should provide you with some good fights if you stick around and scan the belts and watch for local traffic spikes, npc kills etc . . .

Parts is a favourite system of mine, it is a medium sized system which has everything needed for a good combat arena. Four asteroid belts that are well spread out enough to need two different scan spots for monitoring, it has a plethora of Serpentis and Drone anomalies that can be found with a simple blip of the 'system scanner' and it also has a Deserted Gallente Outpost that also attracts regular visits.

All of the above make for a nice attractive system to various elements of New Eden life. Watch out for those unnamed ship hulls again! Also, watch out for those who are lurking about looking for those unnamed ship hulls. Either way, you will find something to fight in Parts, it's a bit like a bare knuckle pit at times. It might also be worth pointing out that sometimes bait ship tactics are deployed here with waiting gangs ready to pounce, just kill the bait and warp out for added feel good factor.

1 v 1 ?

Again, the market around here is poor but the six stations in the system should provide you with all the required services, repairs and medical facilities.

System 5 - Obalyu 0.4

The final system of our short roam - Obalyu is another entertaining system for combat, it is a large system, consisting of 12 asteroid belts that are well spread out, it has no stations meaning nowhere to hide (barring a cloak or deep safe) and it borders a moderately populated high-sec system which has high traffic flow from the noob starter grounds. All this makes for an excellent hunting system and often if you are lucky the ratters in here don't even know what has hit them as you lock up their pods.

Whilst not a particular long roam by any stretch of the imagination, this pocket of systems, if patrolled with discipline and over a period of prolonged presence, should provide you with some good fights, some good ganks and if you are new to pvp or piracy, should provide you with a good arena for cutting your teeth in.

Happy hunting!

One final note . . . . The area has a high traffic flow of haulers, couriers, autopilot fans and similar low braincell types. There is a good trade route for those who like the risk and the area is also high in wormhole activity, usually supply traffic going to and from the entrances. It would be foolish of me to suggest a triple sensor boosting Hurricane or something of similar ilk would disrupt this traffic flow.




  1. I love these!

    Keep em coming.

  2. Nice, sounds like good area for aspiring pirates? I wish I had your guides back when I was ... um, yeah ... I'll fetch my Rifter and try this route.


  3. Oh man this brings back so many memories!
    These systems are where I first started solo roaming and got my very first solo kills.
    ♥ Parts and Obalyu. I need to go back sometime and see how it's changed.

    Also, seriously, great posts! Keep them coming :D

  4. I got my first solo kill here:


    Thanks for posting this!

  5. Dude, you know on my way over there, like two weeks ago, I ran into incursion NPCs. They shot my Rifter right out of business! I'll try again this weekend.