17 Jan 2011

New Art

One hobby of mine outside of flying spaceships, shooting up combat boosters and murdering people is collecting pieces of fine art. The banner above this very blog is a piece I acquired from the collection of famed spaceship drawder, Sassy B.

I commissioned a new piece before Christmas from Kishin Hattori, a pilot with the Tuskers pirate corporation who also shares a fondness for good art. Outside of his pirate day-job he works closely with another skilled artist who goes by the name of Bonni3. We got talking about designs and how I wanted something new and funky for my killboard, something that portrayed the ships that I regularly flew. I wanted something distinct and at the same time slightly comedic in nature.

If you take a quick peek at my killboard I hope you will agree that Kishin and Bonni3 succeeded in the goal I had set them. I would like to publicly thank them for their work and recommend them to anybody else out there who might share the same love of good art that I do.

Team Miura.

1 comment:

  1. The splash rifter with your red/white name is easily my favourite (i.e. THE COOLEST) banner of all the ten gazillion eve blogs I'm reading. No kidding. I like the new one too, but ... man ... the Rifter and the SPLASH ... [clicks right and saves for future generations or the museum of modern art]