18 Nov 2010

Slaughter Fleet and the Gate of Death

And so the roam began with the first drops of blood spilling into the black emptiness of space as the Helios covert ops vessel was de-cloaked in the disruption bubble and smashed apart by the Cynabal, Jaguar, Harbinbger and Sabre. The pilot unable to save himself from the inevitable vacuum of space, a head-exploding pod death quickly followed.

The gang was beginning to swell in numbers, the fleet was forming ready for infiltration of enemy lines over in Cloud Ring region, a smash and grab raid, destruction of every single ship that would come into contact with our fleet was planned - the murder of every single pilot to be expected, no mercy. We would not disappoint. . . . .

Still waiting for fleet members to assemble over in 8-JYPM the fleet scouts reported an Industrial craft approaching the stargate in the neighbouring system, the call for bubbles was heeded and once the defenceless craft revealed himself to the waiting fleet, a swift explosion soon followed as the Iteron burst into a glorious ball of fiery light. As we sifted through the burning cargohold we were alerted by gate activation and began to re-approach the stargate. The communications network crackled into life and the scout began broadcasting. "Fleet standby - you've got a Federation Navy Comet incoming". The Comet was bubbled, tackled and swiftly despatched to the newly formed stargate scrapyard.

Our scouts had 'eyes' in a number of systems close by and reported the movements of an Apocalypse battleship - it was soon narrowed down, tackled and bludgeoned into a hot-liquid-metal blubbering wreck in next to no time as projectile fire, lasers and streams of anti-matter turned the devilishly dark sky into a hue of reds, blues and greens. Delightful. We moved back to our staging system and formed up with the rest of the fleet that was assembling.


Our fleet had now rumbled through a good chunk of Syndicate with little to no resistance, the few systems with stations were either empty or its residents decided to shelter in the safety of their homes as opposed to becoming another statistic for the night. A short stop over for equipment in Orvolle resulted in some of the fleet destroying an unlucky Bestower that had become entangled in a drag bubble, so close to the safety of high-sec the pilot and crew struggled to free the hulking vessel from the sticky disruption fields and its demise was guaranteed as members of our fleet set upon it with no remorse.

Then the fun began . . . . .

As we rumbled into Cloud Ring we were now the enemy fleet, baying for blood, hungry for kills and in no mood for peace talks. This was about to be the rape of all mankind as we knew it. Little did we know what eyes were upon us as we moved closer to our target system, in the course of the night it would seem that in fact there were no eyes on us at all - but for now we didn't know it, we were on the edge of a razor, the fleet had a swagger to it, we broke out of warp and settled on the MJYW-3 stargate in QXW-PV system. Our scout jumped through into the next system . . . . .

The communications network buzzed for a moment and then fell silent.

The silence was broken. "Incoming Drake - bubble up".

The pride of the Caldari Navy, for all we knew this Drake might have travelled a thousand systems before now and traversed many light-years, a romanticized vessel taking on the lawless lands of zero-security space, its destination and movements unknown to the many billions it had left behind from its Mother Lands - whatever, it was soon beaten into a ball of scrap and dust. Speaking of dust, it hardly had time to settle as an Interceptor of the Raptor variety jumped into our bubble and was then added to the pile of twisted metal with ease.

What followed over the following few hours was a bloodbath - nothing short of mass murder, death in the spacelanes, call it what you wish, ship after ship came to an end to the Slaughter Fleet's lust for destruction. Kill after kill is logged below.

This data has been released for public viewing only. Access restricted. File 7784. Access granted///



























Even though I had to break away from the fleet halfway through the roam and ended up missing the fight with the Huzzah Federation, which was the bulk of the latter kills listed, I was still happy and can't complain with my quota for the evening. It was a great roam and I hope for more of the same in the near future.

Coming soon! On the way home from the Slaughter Fleet, Miura encounters a lone Drake - read what unfolds here. Watch this space!



  1. Lovely fleet, man. Gotta love those busy ones.

    Also, I like the sci-fi periodical style cliffhangar ending.

  2. Thanks Rax. . . .

    Aha, but now that means I have to maintain the hype in the next episode :)