1 Nov 2010

Oops I Accidentally the Autocannons!

This little engagement with a Thorax was taking me a little longer than I expected and as I noticed more and more ships on scan (which subsequently paid no interest to the fight) I began to assign some serious overheating to the gun rooms.

Dramiel on scan! He best not warp in on me here! Come on heat, Thorax in deep armour, work it, come on.

85% Heat damage to autocannons, Thorax is going down, no more ships on scan, turn on the intercoolers!


(Jets of cold liquid quickly cool the guns)

Or that was the plan.


DANGER! Autocannons dis-engaged. BURN OUT IMMINENT!

The Thorax exploded with literally the last volley of angry projectile fire.

EVE System > Channel changed to Egghelende Local Channel

YrruC > dude ransom?
Miura Bull > sure, sec

EVE System > Channel MOTD: Hello pilot!
Studies at several medical facilities in the Heimatar region have revealed that the first instance of pain during pod death is the extreme burning sensation you will experience as the wires in your head melt. The pain released through your teeth is not pleasant and will transfer to your new clone for 30 minutes after your death..
However, the good news is you may now pay a 'denture tax' and your pod will be released. Turn off all your guns and modules. Follow the instructions below and you will be set free upon payment. Have a nice day!

Miura Bull > 20 million ?

YrruC > fu*k it blast me, im poor

YrruC > lol

Miura Bull > actually do you mind self destructing instead?

YrruC > no

Miura Bull > no you don't mind or no you won't? :)

YrruC > pop me

Miura Bull > ok, here's the deal . . . you may go, good fight

YrruC > Cheers man, you smoked me

Fun times.


  1. Man I do that all the time. But that's some amazing timing on the burnout. Usually it ends with me burning my guns out and running away.

  2. Miura Bull > actually do you mind self destructing instead?


  3. Miura Bull > actually do you mind self destructing instead?
    hahaha! love it.

    If it happens in the future, or if they won't pay and say they just want a quick travel home to the clone bay: Just turn them into a pet, keep them pointed, suprisingly after sitting in space for a couple of mins they often pay up ^^