12 Nov 2010

A Brief Moment Frozen In Time

An icy-cold blast of snow and swirling winds greets the Jaguar as it enters the stratosphere of the planet on its way down to the landing zone below. The skies are dark and a deep shade of velvet blue, visibility is close to zero and the air is crisp. Searchlights rip through the murky skies with random movements.

The planet-side outpost is a haunt for capsuleers of all walks; pirates, drug smugglers, mercenaries, haulers, salvage teams and explorers all rubbing shoulders with ordinary citizens, petty thieves and workers. A stopping off point for those seeking some form of recuperation from inter-system space travel.

The reverse thrusters blaze through the soft snow that has settled on the landing pad. The snow that is now falling on the craft sizzles and melts in an instant as the powerful and loud hum of the engines slows to a gentle rumble and then a short period of silence falls upon the outpost. A pod transfer drone approaches the frigate hull and the pilot is removed from the ship to the warmth and sanctity of the inner chambers.

The Jaguar soon to be covered in a blanket of the falling snow as it cools under the darkness above is visible from the observation platform. A lone, old and battered Badger industrial workhorse, possibly loaded with illicit goods and supplies approaches the adjacent pad ready for landing as a small gang of workers and bots prepare to unload the goods onto waiting planetary vehicles.

Just a brief moment, now frozen in time.


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