14 Nov 2010

Seven Days of Bloodshed

This is just a quick update on where I am right now and how things are moving on nicely since I moved into Syndicate region and became a member of The Hull Miners Union, which is part of the Random-Violence alliance. All in all I am highly impressed with the structure of the alliance, six corporations, five dedicated pvp corporations and a holding corp.

The Hull Miners Union - Executor corporation of well known former alliance Gentlemen's Club. The corp has some excellent pilots and fleet commanders and from what I've seen so far - are a good bunch of guys. 39 members.

Blackwater USA Inc. - Also former members of Gentlemen's Club and more recently Atlas Alliance. The corp has 161 members and is well known throughout New Eden for its excellent pvp pilots.

Advocates of Sin - Again, a former Gentlemens' Club corporation. More recently members of BANE. I remember these guys from in and around Amamake and membership has a strong leaning towards piracy. 48 members.

The Perfect Storm - 75 member strong former Gentlemen's Club pvp corporation. Has some great pilots within its ranks.

Black Talon Mercs - 31 member strong pure pvp corporation. The only member corp of Random-Violence not previously linked with Gentlemen's Club.

The alliance is mainly US time-zone but there is a European corporation in talks with regards joining up. I have noticed that gangs do seem to roll out at pretty much any time of the day and when there isn't a fleet up it is easy enough to jump into a Rifter or Jaguar and go out solo roaming.

I've spent the last seven days doing a variety of activities. I have roamed around Syndicate solo in my Jaguar, I've camped a well set up bubble that snagged me numerous frigate, shuttle and pod kills. I've rolled out with some pretty medium-heavy looking battlecruiser fleets of which on a couple of occasions I found myself being designated as scout, which I found to be a neat experience and I've also been part of home defence fleets. Oh, I have also roamed a low-sec route as I plan to visit low-sec at least once a week.

It has been a great week statistics wise also. 46 kills and 1 solitary loss.

Things are looking good right now. Here's to more of the same!

Watch this space!


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