3 Aug 2013

From Jita with Love

good news
Sent: 2013.08.01 14:35
To: _________,  

My dear

I am Super J0sh, an Accounts Manager with BANK OF JITA in THE FORGE. The issue I am presenting to you is a case of one of my late customer, a national of Caldari who died in a Badger crash leaving an unclaimed treasury bills (Bonds) with my bank.

In YC111, my late customer invested in treasury bill bonds here in my Bank in Jita totaling 25.3 billion Caldari Isks ($25,300,000,000.00) which was due to be collected in YC113 with accrued dividends. On my yearly appraisal of my customers at the turn of every year, I discovered that this fixed deposit remained overdue for retrieval. I had put up series of mails and bank notifications to him which were sent Back uncollected. 

According to the banking law, the money will be Bequeathed to the government if it remains unclaimed with the next couple months.
I am in a position to attach your name to these funds.  Your cooperation and discretion are most appreciated.

Kindly send your reply enclosing your

transfer fee of 100 million isks along Name, Sex, and Solar System.

- - -

I can vaguely remember receiving a similar mail in my first few weeks of playing. It's good to see that this kind of stuff is still around. I did wonder at the time where the Badger crash was, but I guess we will never know.