12 Aug 2013

SKRMR Recruitment

What is Screaming Hayabusa?

Screaming Hayabusa, or SKRMR for short, is a corporation based inside an arcade frigate shooter in which pilots play on hardcore mode in the ultimate quest for the good fight!

The player controls a spaceship that can move left, right, up and down, as well as performing the occasional barrel roll and inverted loop, all this while under constant enemy fire. The ship makes use of advanced fitting techniques and weapons platforms to give it the highest chance of survival during combat, however, in most cases it usually ends up getting destroyed by overwhelming numbers.

SKRMR gameplay consists of a variety of distinct "missions" or "roams", each with its own patterns of enemies. The central goal of each mission is to destroy all enemies in that wave, which takes the player to the next mission. Successfully completing all missions will increase the player's rank, and after logging off will loop the player back to the first mission, where play continues on a higher difficulty level.

The game continues until the player loses all their lives (ships). The player can insert more credit and purchase more ships at any time.

The player can advance through the ranks based on the number of enemies killed during missions. A medal system is employed, tied in with killboard rankings. Along the way, a robotic voice heckles and threatens the player, often calling the player by his current number (for example, "Some solo warrior you are, Number Ten!").

The underlying hardware platform for SKRMR is based on years of refined combat experience and research.

Developer(s) .... Miura Bull

Publisher(s) .... The SKRMR roster

Designer(s) .... Miura Bull

Platform(s) .... Arcade

Release date .... 2013

Genre(s) .... Space shooter

Mode(s) .... 1 player mode, and 2-6 player mode also available

Display .... User defined monitor

Screaming Hayabusa [SKRMR] is looking to recruit a small number of pilots to expand our lossmail board. Ideally we would like to recruit between 5-10 members. This will be a limited recruitment run.

What we do:

  • We are predominantly a bunch of lone wolf solo frigate junkies whose love for making spaceship explosions means we make it our goal to explode spaceships. We are not fussed if they are killmails or lossmails as long as we are having fun. 

  • We sometimes form small gangs.

  • We don't have a base of operations, we are nomadic by nature and our pilots have ship stashes in various corners of New Eden.

  • We mainly fly in lowsec space, but we will also fly in nullsec/wormholes and highsec if desired.

  • We don't openly ask for or accept 1v1's.

  • Ransoms aren't our thing either.

  • We don't smack talk in local.

  • We don't ever use ECM, or alts with ECM. If you have a Falcon alt it is probably best you stop reading now.

  • We enjoy chasing cloaky stab-monkey loyalty point farmers around the faction warfare playgrounds.

  • We also play other games, such as PlanetSide 2 for example.

You should:

  • Enjoy flying frigates as your main play style, but also possess the ability to 'upship' if required.

  • Be self-sufficient.

  • Be a capable solo pilot who is able to play on your own initiative.

  • Be willing to join teamspeak for small gangs. 

  • Be looking for a corp to call a long-term home. 

What we offer:

  • A tight-knit home of laid back, cool people, who don't take the game too seriously.

  • Killboard.

  • Forum community.

  • Dedicated teamspeak3 server.

  • Alt corps for potential ISK making.

If you think you might be interested then jump into our public channel for a chat.

panic! at the beacons

There is no application form to fill in, some corp applications require more input than an application to a job with the FBI. There are no background checks, we are a corporation in a pixelated spaceship game with no assets or intel to steal. If we know you then you will be accepted without too much trouble. If you are some random dude then we would like you to come fly with us and get to know us first.



  1. I'm actually fairly interested in joining, however I would have to biomass coffee and sard due to the ECM restrictions. I've decided to wait for when Nergelion opens up his corp to the public.

    1. Coffee is a good guy, we couldn't have that happen! Heh.

  2. +1 to these guys, they've always given ~gudfites~ and are cool bro's to talk to.

    Loved the videogame description as well!

  3. Wait we have to biomass ourselves if we've ever used ECM?

    Uh oh....

  4. Why didn't you do this before I started my corp last month ya bugger!!!