23 Jul 2013

Killmails In Picture

Sometimes a screenshot from a fight can go a long way to painting more of a picture of what actually happened over just reading a killmail. If I have been in a particularly interesting engagement I will always try and capture the moment, if you like, with a quick screen grab.

Here are a few that I have collected.

The killmail.

Solo roaming through Etherium Reach in a MASB Jaguar I stumble upon a Wolf manning a bubble. We soon begin the dance and a great fight follows. The Jaguar just manages to defeat the Wolf as the ancillary shield booster reloads.

I would happily take one fight a day that goes down to the wire with minimal structure points remaining, than say ten routine easy fights. These kind of fights really get the blood pumping and I will always take a snapshot of how close the fight is. A perfect reminder of a good fight.

In this picture I particularly like how I have managed to snap the burning Jaguar in full flight.

The killmail.

Another fight involving the Jaguar and this time versus two Federation Navy Comets. A very, very close fight as you can see.

Warp drive active tells half the story. A directional scanner revealing that reinforcements are incoming.

The killmail.

The final moments of a Megathron Navy Issue. The ending delayed slightly as the Light Neutron Blasters take time out to reload, a momentary pause in the carnage.

I remember this fight well. Local was busy and there was a Megathron Navy Issue in the top belt. Why hadn't anybody in local investigated? My trap senses were tingling and I was flying a shield Enyo, not an ideal ship to take on a hulking great Battleship. Of course, leaving was never an option, if it was bait then I'd lose an Assault Frigate, no big deal.

It wasn't bait, and as the pilot begged for help in local, local actually emptied, leaving us alone in the blackness of space.

The killmail.

Enyo versus Vengeance. I enjoy this kind of match-up, both are fantastic frigates and it often comes down to the wire. As was the case in this close brawl. Right down to the end, just as I like it!

The killmail.

A Dominix is about to meet its maker.

This picture shows the end of what was quite a lengthy fight. It started with the killing of a shuttle that was somewhat puzzlingly idling in a belt. A Dominix and Thorax landed on my plucky little Enyo. The Thorax was killed and I began the task of dismantling the Dominix. In between, the Thorax pilot came back in an Algos and a Catalyst but was unable to save his buddy.

I remember drones, lots of drones. Drones everywhere, swarming over me like a maggot on a rotting corpse. The picture shows the structure damage to the Enyo, revealing the test that the feisty Assault Frigate went through to clean up on the killmail front.

The killmail.

In a Daredevil of my own I spot a Daredevil and Dramiel next to a bubble on my outgate. Fully expecting to die ... I actually don't, and emerge victorious. 2v1. Structure on fire. Two pods sitting in the emptiness of space.

Good fight.