4 Apr 2013

Black Box of Death

Black Box of Death.

Warp Core Blackout Scrambler I

This module is a utility high-slot module that uses roughly the same CPU and powergrid as a Small Energy Neutralizer. It is a powerful module that was first used in very rough form by various rebel pirate hacker groups across New Eden, often going undetected by the authorities. It was said that no two blackout scramblers were ever the same, such were the haphazard construction methods employed.

Once authorities did learn of this new found 'black technology' they did not stop until they had their hands on it. Rumours grew with regards whether or not they came into the possession of the scramblers via genuine purchasing rights or through other more sinister methods. It has been in constant development for a number of years now, but as the faction wars rage on, the technology has finally been pushed onto the front lines.

It requires a highly advanced script to run at its full power and it can only be used on frigate sized ship hulls. The penalties of using such a powerful module are quite severe. Once activated the Blackout Scrambler also renders the host ship's warp core inactive for 60 seconds after the cycle has finished. Further, the Blackout Scrambler comes with a 50% speed reduction penalty for the duration of its operation.

Simply put, this is an infini-point high-slot scrambler to combat the increasing use of Warp Core Stabilizers in the faction warfare zones. It is thought to have been championed and rushed into development by a merciless Minmatar commando who grew tired of not only his 'soldiers' leaving the field of battle, but that of the enemy factions too. He calls this invention his 'Black Box', or as some others have put it ... his 'anti-cowardice device'.

Acts of cowardice have long been punishable by military law, which defines a wide range of cowardly offenses including desertion in face of the enemy and surrendering to the enemy against orders. The punishment for such acts is typically severe, ranging from corporal punishment to the death sentence. 

"Those who choose to fight and don't, we don't want you here. Those who choose to run from the enemy are cowards, waxing their purse and sullying the name of those who do fight for the cause. They are fat pigs with only ISK on the brain. If ISK was food they would have it smeared across their dirty fat piggy little faces like excrement. They are the runners and their rotten and shitty stench fills me with rage. I will drive them from our heartlands. Whether this be through them fleeing in utter panic at the prospect of a fight, or be it at the hands of the Black Box and my fist. Blood will flow once again in the war zone. We will fight and they will die as soldiers and not cowards, they can be known for ever as cowardice runners or they can be heroes!" - Unnamed Minmatar Commando. YC114.

Blackout Script

Originally used by the silent hacker group 'Screaming Hayabusa' to break past high tech security firmware, these script packs contain intricate code which modify the inherent behaviour of certain modules by directly inserting 'black poison' commands into the firmware. The applications of such technology was not lost on the major players and the kids who invented it allegedly sold their rough cut technology for vast sums.

Now refined and extensively tested, this script can be loaded into a Warp Core Blackout Scrambler to focus its effect upon a single ship much like a standard warp disruptor. This allows the module to scramble ships of any size, including ships normally immune to all forms of electronic warfare.



  1. Haha, spending a bit to much time chasing FW farmers?

  2. Interdictors should have a second type of probe they can launch, called "brawl bubbles". These probes would have a system wide radius, inducing uncontrollable levels of e-honour and bravery into those caught within its effect. Common effects of this probe would undocking PvP fit ships, searching for fights, and non-ironic chat in local along the lines of "1V1 BRO?" and "GF MATE".

  3. This is (non-sarcastically) a great idea.

  4. You should be running for CSM!

  5. Ain't this just the same as a focused script on a HIC?

  6. 20 Days since you last posted mate!?
    Everything OK??

    1. Yeah mate! I've been chasing this stabbed Daredevil around, was I really gone for 20 days!?