6 May 2013

The Gnosis With Gno Name

It's a bit like letting a newly qualified glider pilot loose with a commercial Jumbo Jet.

"There you go Sir, we're at 35,000 feet now, do your stuff ... oh did I mention this thing has engines?"

The Gnosis is a 10-year celebratory gift ship, a battlecruiser with no skill prerequisites. I must admit that I didn't know a great deal about them. In all honesty I had not really followed the recent news regarding gifts and what not.

I noticed in a couple of channels that people were talking about this new ship being unlocked and linking possible fits. I was half paying attention, roaming the stars and heading up to Melmaniel to dock up for the night. So imagine my surprise when I jumped into Ouelletta, began my warp across the small system and blipped open the scanner to reveal an unnamed Gnosis hull on scan. The pilot was only four days old.

It was busy in local, some twenty or so pilots but just this guy on scan. I had now deciphered that he was in the top belt.


Having landed on my outgate I was half tempted to just jump through and dock up for the night, my roam had been quiet and I was convincing myself that this had to be bait. But I was curious. I hit warp to the belt and sure enough landed right on top of the odd looking ship.

Keeping open the scanner as I began to work on the battlecruiser I noticed a Daredevil and an Incursus show up briefly on scan but then leave.

As the system fell silent and those stationside slept or did their thing a moment of musical calm fell upon the asteroid belt. It was like the rocks were humming the backing track as the rhythmic chattering of the killer's autocannons bounced along joyfully. In stark contrast to the Gnosis and its mixed weapons that sounded somewhat like a poorly rehearsed symphony of instruments made of junk metal.

In the end it was a straight forward demolition job and this Gnosis was no more. Put out of its misery you might say. No need for an encore.

Looking at the list of Gnosis losses it would also appear that this was the very first Gnosis loss in lowsec.



  1. And it just HAD to be you that got the first in low didn't it ya bollix :P

    I hate how there's no value on these ships though. You can't even insure them ffs ...

    I have a blaster/drone fit one that I plan on losing soon. Should be fun :)

    1. It was weird, people were saying you can redeem them and then what only seemed like minutes later there was one in the belt. I was sooo close to just warping off I thought it just had to be a TARP.

      I'll probably fly mine at some random point in the future when all the fuss has died down a little.

  2. Grats on getting the first lowsec 'Nosis kill!

    I too would assume TARP, despite him being a 4 day old pilot. I've EFT'd a fairly solid bait fit with 110k EHP, which should lead to some ~gudfites~ in the future.

  3. You are always Johnny on the spot mate!
    Well done.

  4. Gratz, you griefed a 4 day old pilot. Well done!

    1. I think he griefed himself by being in a losec asteroid belt in such an horribly fitted ship. I do believe I did him a favour. :)